BILDX is your Senior Living Sales SOLUTION

Are you struggling to keep up with the increasing number of senior living leads? Do you feel like you’re losing revenue and frustrating buyers seeking timely information? BILDX is here to help! Our people-powered, tech-enabled outbound sales solution is designed to help you streamline your sales team, recoup revenue, and increase your pipeline.

Our BILDX sales specialists provide solutions for a multitude of sales team dynamics. Whether you need to handle a significant increase in leads, work with a limited sales team, or seek to streamline your sales process, BILDX can help. We work alongside your onsite salesperson providing critical sales support producing the best possible results.

Our team captures all digital and third-party leads within minutes, keeps all CRM sales activities current, and mines your database for gold. This frees up your sales director to handle telephone and walk-in inquiries, personalized tours, and critical referral outreach. The BILDX team can also clean up your entire CRM, reconnecting with past leads to move them to defined next steps, as well as removing leads that have passed on or are no longer viable.

With BILDX, you can cut the noise and focus on the premium, highest caliber leads for your onsite team to focus on and close. We manage all incoming digital and third-party paid leads that consume your sales director’s day, freeing up time to handle direct to community inquiries, personalized tours, and referral outreach.

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Jenn Zeinner
Director of IVR Operations
Nikki Gallaway
Director of Digital Operations
Ryan Dawson
Training & Development Leader