Competitive Analysis: Find Your Edge to Discover Opportunities for Increased Revenue.

Keep your organization at the forefront of meeting the needs of an aging population. Differentiate your community in a saturated market. Bild & Company’s competitive analysis provides intelligence that reveals hidden opportunities to drive revenue and increase occupancy.

With a competitive analysis, our experts conduct a market survey on communities in your market service areas. You’ll discover your competitors’ pricing, occupancy, levels of care, and more in a detailed competitor analysis report you can share with stakeholders. Once you know your competitors’ weaknesses, you’ll understand how you can leverage your strengths. The end result is an opportunity for better sales traction, expanded service lines, or a new investment.

With a Competitive Analysis,
You’ll Discover Your Competitors’…

  • Levels of care offered.
  • Pricing by level of care.
  • Occupancy by level of care.
  • Discounts and incentives offered.
  • Sales process and the customer experience provided.
  • Positioning in the market as it compares to your community.
  • Annual rate increases.

Stop swimming upstream. Use competitor analysis reports to reveal the best way to increase move-ins and close revenue gaps.

A Competitive Analysis Can Help You Increase Occupancy and Revenue If…

  • You’re an investor seeking to drive market rate rents, add new units or another level of care to an existing community, or perhaps enter a new market.
  • You’re an executive in need of market intelligence to determine if market rate rent is set at the right number, to set annual rent increases, add new service offerings, or gauge the impact of training on sales and the customer experience.
  • You’re an operator who conducts semi-annual or annual competitive analysis to support strategic business plans. We work closely with you to understand your goals and ensure all relevant information is collected and presented in a format that best prepares you for key stakeholder meetings.

Let Competitive Intelligence Uncover Your Edge.

You’re not the only game in town, and 95% of what you offer is exactly the same as your competitors–from different levels of care to fine dining, on-site rehab, activities, med-management, and more.

The good news is that competitive intelligence reveals what makes your organization unique. We seek to uncover that 5% difference and help you shine a light on it through our sales and marketing supportive services.

Don’t let a saturated market cause you to leave money on the table. Bild & Company will help you stand out from the crowd and move from budgeted occupancy to 100% occupancy, zero lost revenue days.

More data. More knowledge. More residents. More revenue.
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