Competitive & Market Analysis

Tired of hiring firms to do competitive and market analysis, but getting outdated information wrapped in a glossy report?

Whether you are considering a new development, expansion, or price increase, we understand the importance of accurate information for the decision-making process and, even more importantly, having a defined strategy to ensure your project is a success.

The Bild team takes a hands-on approach to competitive and market analysis and delivers real-time data that helps drive important decisions. The go-to team for asset managers, we are on standby and ready to help!

Mystery Shops

Curious to understand what the customer experience is like for prospects inquiring about your communities?

Let’s be honest…

Are you hesitant to know?

The unfortunate truth is that most senior living communities make it nearly impossible to buy. In a sampling of 774 mystery shops, we found that 47.3% of prospect inquiries go unanswered, 38% of salespeople fail to demonstrate empathy or concern, and just 56% of sales directors invite prospects in for a tour. In fact, 48.9% of people calling are left with a poor impression of a community when inquiring about its services.

The Bild & Co research team will help you understand what the true customer experience is right now and, most importantly, what training needs to occur for improvement.

Focus Groups

Wonder what adult children and prospects are thinking when they visit your community?

Desire to know what the decision-making process is like, who influences your prospects, what drives their decisions, what competitors they considered, and how much prospects will pay for the right value?

Whether you’re developing a community or refining your brand, our team of experts—led by Josh Packard, PhD—can deliver the answers you’re looking for.

We will coordinate attendees, facilitate questions based on your goals, and provide an extensive summary of the findings—so you get into the mind of your prospects and better support the strategic decisions you seek to make.

I can’t believe how customer service orientated you are. I’m so appreciative of all the work that went into the customization of our mystery shops and your flexibility to meet our needs as it relates to our sales process and company expectations. Love the portal that has all the data, recordings and shops all in one place which makes it easy to identify training opportunities. Dawn is the best!

Megan Longley

ACTS Retirement Life Communities
Vice-President Sales

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