Bild & Company is the Premier Occupancy and Revenue Growth Expert for Senior Living Communities Since 1999.

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Don’t Settle for Budgeted Occupancy.

When you partner with Bild & Company, you get an occupancy guarantee–an occupancy growth rate of 5% at minimum. Since our inception, our clients have experienced an average increase of 10%, even during the Great Recession. The reason for our success is simple. With two decades of deep expertise, Bild & Company uses a proven sales system to grow occupancy, revenue, and net operating income for senior care operators.

Bild & Company’s Leader and CEO

“Two decades ago I met my soulmate–the senior living industry–by chance. A senior living executive picked up my first book in an airport bookstore, engaged me, and six months later we had grown occupancy by $4 million. That was just the beginning of what has become my passion and the birth of Bild & Company, which has transformed hundreds of organizations in our space!”

Traci Bild, CEO of Bild & Company

The founder and CEO of Bild & Company, Traci Bild has successfully led her organization to close revenue gaps for all types of organizations within the senior living space. While working with 80% of the top 100 companies, Traci’s passion lies with small- to mid-sized operators, which has become her area of focus and expertise. Working with both profit and not-for-profit providers, Traci and her team thrive on helping clients achieve 100% occupancy, zero lost revenue days using her proven sales systems.

> Read how unlikely events helped Traci find her passion—boosting revenue for small- to medium-sized senior living operators.

The Bild Way

We know what it takes to move the needle on occupancy, and we’ll use our expertise to do the same for your senior care community. With the Bild Sales System in place, you’ll create a high-performing sales team with accountability to results.  

This team will understand how to create a raving-fan customer experience that fosters an emotional connection with prospective residents and their families, and that ultimately accelerates the velocity of move-ins so you can net up and grow to 100% occupancy, zero lost revenue days.

With Traci’s help, we increased census from 92% to 99%, a company record and an amazing achievement in our industry!
Louise Franklin, VP Sales, ACTS Retirement Life
We hired Bild & Company a year ago to manage the sales and marketing department at LifeStream. Where we are today, from where we were when we first met, is pretty phenomenal; thank you!
Donna Taylor, COO, LifeStream Living

The Communities We Serve

Join the thousands of senior living and healthcare providers who’ve experienced increased occupancy, revenue, and net operating income with Bild & Company. We have a track record of results in meeting the needs of a wide range of senior care providers—CCRC, assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, memory care, and palliative care in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Historically, we’ve worked with clients ranging from single properties to large multi-site caregiving organizations. Whether you run a small- or mid-sized operation, or are developing, expanding, or simply closing revenue gaps in a stabilized community, we can help.

Our Future Is Your Future.

Growing occupancy requires adapting to a new era of selling senior living care in what has become an incredibly competitive environment. Traci Bild is a visionary and thought leader and she, along with her team, is ready and willing to help you better navigate a fast-changing landscape. We recognize that increasing revenue requires proven methodologies, as well as innovative strategies. If you seek to thrive in the midst of a highly competitive and oftentimes saturated market, we can help.

Closing Revenue Gaps Is a Phone Call Away.
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