How Will You Impact Organizational Revenue in 2018? 5 Questions for the Senior Living CEO

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” As a senior living CEO, it’s hard to take time to reflect. Yet the decisions you make now will have an impact on your organization's growth in 2018...and that’s reason enough to give Margaret J. Wheatley’s quote

January 16th, 2018|

The 2018 Outlook—Predictions from Bild & Company’s Senior Housing Experts

It’s 2018. Whatever your successes or setbacks were in 2017, this month launches an opportunity to set new goals and create a new vision for your senior housing portfolio. At Bild & Company, we understand that occupancy growth is, more than likely, one of your top priorities for the weeks and months to come. In

January 9th, 2018|

How Listening Can Drive Your Revenue Growth

Listening. It’s what you do all day long if you’re in the C-suite of a senior living organization. From listening to the concerns of investors to listening to the feedback from your executive team, having an open ear is key to your role. But here’s what you need to realize—listening isn’t just important for being

January 2nd, 2018|

Our Top 7 Senior Housing Articles for 2017

As December comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on your senior housing leadership. But even if you’re celebrating significant growth for your organization, you can’t stop at identifying past successes. In 2018, you’ll want to build on any milestones and press forward to reach new goals...and that starts with pinpointing where your operation

December 26th, 2017|

The Making of a Successful CEO—What Newly Released Research Reveals about Senior Living CEOs

There isn’t a magic formula for being a successful CEO. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t factors that stack the odds in your favor. After all, there’s a reason you reached the top C-suite position in your senior living organization...whether it was your ability to successfully communicate or your skill in crunching numbers. Thanks to

December 19th, 2017|

Poor Profit Margins? Here Is What’s Holding You Back

When you’ve analyzed a portfolio for revenue potential and invested a sizable chunk of your resources in its growth… There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing poor profit margins for all your hard work. You believe in working smarter, instead of harder. But instead of enjoying the returns of your senior living investment, you’re spending your

December 12th, 2017|

Accelerating Growth for Your Senior Living Operation

Every savvy senior living CEO keeps an eye on industry news. From NIC data reports to press releases, you’re on the lookout for industry trends, breaking news, and construction updates—anything that could impact your senior living operation. If you’re keeping up with the headlines, then you’ve seen Argentum’s announcement for the top 10 senior living

December 5th, 2017|

Building Value to Increase Occupancy: What Every Senior Living CEO Needs to Know

If you want to increase occupancy, it’s time to ditch the notion that prices drive move-ins. Don’t get us wrong. As a senior living CEO, competitive intelligence and market information is critical for setting reasonable rates at your properties. But it’s a mistake to think that slashing rates, waiving entry fees, and offering discounts are

November 28th, 2017|

3 Inconvenient Truths About Senior Living Asset Management and Long-Term Growth

If you’re an asset manager, you play a key role in empowering your senior living organization to meet crucial targets each year. From large REITs to small senior living operations, it takes skilled asset management to ensure an organization manages each resource and leverages it for long-term growth. But the pressure is on for 2018.

November 21st, 2017|

The Achilles’ Heel of Your Large Senior Housing Portfolio

If you’ve invested in a senior housing portfolio, realizing ROI on your capital is one of your highest priorities.   You’re always on the lookout to remove anything that stunts growth or limits the returns your properties generate.   However, if you have an extensive senior housing portfolio, more than likely, the opportunities for inefficiency

November 14th, 2017|
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