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Senior Living Sales Consulting


BILD Sales Consulting helps you achieve your monthly sales goals by building the right sales infrastructure that drives tangible results. Our approach is tailored to your unique needs and provides clarity and insight into the strategic actions needed to turn the corner. We analyze your sales strategy from the buyer perspective, data insights, and on-site assessments to provide clear visibility into your current process and how you must pivot. We create a blueprint that both markets and sells your communities to prospective buyers, minimizing marketing spend and maximizing the power of your site-level team’s ability to properly sell. You will walk away with a concrete plan to increase revenue, occupancy, net operating income, and the valuation of your assets.

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Senior Living Marketing Consulting


Our senior living marketing consulting services are tailored to each community to ensure a strong return on investment for your marketing spend. We understand that no two senior living communities are the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. That’s why we take a tailored approach to each community, diving deep into our research capabilities to understand what differentiates your communities from their competitors. We help you market and sell your community based on what makes it unique. Our marketing strategy includes digital, print, and referral-based tactics that remove dependency on third-party paid referrals. A sales system that ensures leads generated both online and off are captured and converted into tours and moved-in residents. Our foundational approach is designed to increase occupancy, revenue, profitability, and portfolio valuation.

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Senior Living Community Assessments

Our assessments help you identify sales and operational barriers in your senior living communities. We work with you to select a sample of communities from your portfolio and conduct on-site assessments to understand the current situation. Our research team conducts competitive analysis, dissects CRMs, assesses executive and sales director capabilities, as well as the impact of your marketing spend. Upon completion of the assessment, we share our findings with your executive team and provide a revised sales and marketing strategy alongside operational obstacles to be addressed. We can provide you with the information needed to pivot or help you with the entire execution of the revised senior living sales and marketing strategy.

Sales training and implementation

Maximizing your marketing and lead generation investments is crucial for your business growth. However, it’s equally important to ensure that your sales directors are professionally trained to capture and close those leads into moved-in residents. Our Company-branded sales training program is designed to help you achieve just that.

Digital and third-party lead capture and pipeline growth

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing number of senior living leads? Are you losing revenue due to leads falling through the cracks, overdue CRM tasks, and frustrated buyers? BILDX, our sister company, offers a comprehensive lead capture and pipeline growth solution that can help you capture all telephone, website, and third-party leads within minutes, not hours. Our team of experts will keep all CRM sales activities current and mine the database for gold, freeing your sales directors up to handle walk-in inquiries, personalized tours, and referral outreach. We can also clean up your entire CRM in a short period of time, reconnecting with past leads to move them to defined next steps. All leads that have passed on or are no longer viable will be removed. Our solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of executive decision makers like you who are looking to drive sales growth and increase revenue.

Sales training and implementation

Whether you have an upcoming capital event, a community that cannot cover its debt service ratio, or simply want to optimize revenue, Revenue Growth Coaching will ensure all sales goals are met and that the community is restored to financial health.

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New Development, Expansions, or Portfolio Transitions


BILD’s sales training and marketing team works closely with site-level teams to ensure proper execution of sales and marketing strategies while holding them accountable to meeting proforma expectations. BILDX can help you save upwards of 50% of payroll costs by fulfilling the sales role and building a strong pipeline of prospective residents until a site-level salesperson is needed. Our team has the experience necessary to protect your investment during what is often a turbulent transition period when buying or selling a community or portfolio. We will ensure revenue is optimized and full valuation maintained or grown.

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Position Portfolio for Future Sale


Are you looking to sell your senior living community or portfolio at a premium? At BILD, we understand the importance of positioning your communities in the best possible financial position. Our team of experts will consult with you to identify quick wins and develop a 12-month strategy to move all assets toward full occupancy and zero lost revenue days. Our program is tailored to meet the unique needs of executive decision makers like you who are looking to maximize revenue and portfolio valuation.

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