2024 Web to Phone Shops White Paper


Traci Bild

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June 26, 2024


2024 Web to Phone Shops Results

BILD analyzed 220+ senior living community web to phone shops in Q1-2024. This white paper focuses on shoppers inquiring via web and phone to evaluate the first impressions, needs development, relationship building, sales presentation, and next steps scheduled. This study targets multiple states in the U.S. Below is the executive summary and key findings.

Target: 11 different States – (CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MI, OR, SC, TX, NJ, NV)
Time Periods Data Analyzed: 1/1/2024 – 3/31/2024
Data Reviewed: Web to Phone Mystery Shop Results

Below is a summary of the key findings:

  • After submitting the web form, 51% of shoppers did not receive a personalized response within 2 hours.
  • 12% of shoppers never received a return call.
  • The average length of a sales call lasted 14 minutes.
  • The average web to phone shop score for Q1-2024 was 54%, which is a 5% increase from 2023.
    1. The average phone shop score in 2024 and in 2023 was 52%.
    1. The average web shop score was 53%. A 3% increase from 2023.

Web To Phone Case Study

Average Website and Phone Shop Scores

Web To Phone Shop Scores
Web response time from website to first phone call:
Out of the 51% of shoppers who did not get a response from the community within 2 hours after inquiring via web, 31% of them never received a response at all. While 11% received a call or email after 24 hours.

First Impressions:
9% of calls were blind transferred to voicemails. 21% of callers were told they would receive a call back the same day.

Relationship Building:
Only 8% of the sales associates asked permission to ask questions and explained why. 79% asked questions without asking permission.

Sales Presentation:
64% of the sales associates did not drill down to determine needs or interests. While 7% of associates asked only medical/financial questions and 9% asked only yes or no questions but no open-ended questions.

Next Steps:
55% of associates vaguely invited shoppers to tour, using verbiage like, “sometime” or “anytime”. 16% attempted to arrange an appointment while 11% did not encourage a visit at all.

Website Response Times

The other 7% of shoppers received help from a Sales Associate or other team member on their first call.

Phone Response Times

Overall, once the shopper reached a sales representative, the transfer times were mostly within 1 minute.

  • 40% of calls transferred within 1 minute.
  • 27% of calls that were not transferred were handled by another team member or receptionist.
  • 21% of calls that were not transferred were handled by the sales associate.
  • 12% of calls transferred with over 1 minute of wait time.

About the Author: Traci Bild

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Traci Bild, Founder of BILD & Co and BILDX, has revolutionized the senior living industry for over two decades. Her innovative sales and marketing strategies have positively impacted 80% of the top 100 senior housing operators in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. An accomplished author of four books, including "Zero Lost Revenue Days," Traci's expertise is frequently featured in CBS Sunday Morning News, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Senior Housing News, and McKnight’s Senior Living. Her firm, BILD & Co, is a Great Place to Work and ranks among Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

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