2024 Securing Tours Case Study Report


Traci Bild

Date Posted:

June 19, 2024


BILDX conducted a case study comparing 10+ different community’s and securing tours which were scheduled over the course of three months utilizing BILDX vs. 6 months prior to BILDX implementation. Below is the executive summary and the data trends that were uncovered regarding the outcome of those scheduled tours.

Time Periods Data Analyzed: 7/1/2023 – 5/31/2024

Key Findings

After BILDX implementation, this client had an overall 6% increase in tour to move ins.
Once BILDX scheduled and confirmed a tour with a prospect, those that moved in, had an average of 23.4 days from inquiry to move in. Before BILDX this client had an average of 84.02 days from inquiry to move in days.

ToursWhen BILDX scheduled and confirmed a tour with a prospect there was a 43.73% scheduled to completed tour conversion. If a digital lead scheduled a tour with APFM or Caring but BILDX was unable to connect with the prospect to confirm the tour, the scheduled to completed conversion drops to 28.33%.

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During BILDX implementation, this client also had academies for the sales and executive directors to improve sales and leadership skills. After the academies, participants had a 33% increase in their mystery shop scores.

BILDX Increase

BILDX saw participants really improved on closing and setting the next step with a 56% score increase.

6 months prior to BILDX services, this clients saw an average of 6.9 move ins per month. After BILDX was implemented, the average monthly move ins increased to 9.8 per month.

Move In Vs Out Chart

17.4% of tours that were scheduled through BILDX and completed converted to move ins over a course of 3 months.

On average this client was seeing a 16% Tour to move in conversion prior to implementation of BILDX. After 3 months of implementation this client had a 22 % tour to move in conversion.

Conversion Chart

Days To Move In Chart

Prior to BILDX services these 10+ communities were seeing a 68.02 averaged days until a lead moved in. Digital leads were seeing 84.02 days. Once BILDX services were executed, communities saw an average of 23.4 days for digital leads to move in.

Bildx Tours And Conversions

About the Author: Traci Bild

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