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Maximize your senior living occupancy, revenue, and profitability with BILD. Our unparalleled expertise and singular focus on senior living sales and marketing infrastructure will help you optimize financial performance and achieve your revenue goals.

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The BILD Marketing System for Senior Living Owners and Operators

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How it works

As your Fractional Chief Marketing Strategist, we become part of your executive team. Creating your senior living marketing strategy and facilitating its execution; we collaborate with existing vendors or plug in new ones to ensure accountability and ownership over results.


About Us

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Occupancy. Revenue. Profitability.


Our system is focused on driving top and bottom-line revenue while improving the buyer experience.


We optimize your website to attract and engage your ideal residents and convert them into quality leads.


We create and run effective campaigns to generate referrals from professionals and residents, who are easier and faster to close than other leads.

Public Relations

We tell captivating stories that highlight your brand and its impact on the lives of seniors, enhancing your credibility and visibility.


We use Google Ads to drive digital leads to your site, retarget them, follow up within minutes and nurture digital leads until they convert into tour giving you an incredible competitive edge.


We use your community sales data to determine exactly how many leads you need each week to fill your vacancies, and we adjust your marketing budget accordingly.

Ready to BILD a better marketing strategy?

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BILD has over 20 years of experience in senior living sales and marketing. These two functions must work together, not in silos. We have seen it all – high marketing spend with low returns, cookie-cutter campaigns that don’t work, poor communication and reporting from vendors, and lost leads and opportunities. We are here to change that. We are here to educate and empower you to achieve your marketing goals and grow your business profitability.

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What makes us different?

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We have over 20 years of experience in senior living sales and marketing. We know the buyer journey and how to tailor your marketing strategy to meet their needs and expectations.


We design and execute a marketing strategy that is unique to your senior living portfolio. We align your sales and marketing teams and create a system that drives occupancy, revenue, and profitability.


We don’t just create strategies - we implement them. We work closely with your marketing vendors to ensure every tactic contributes to your success. We monitor and measure your results and optimize your campaigns accordingly.


We offer you top-tier expertise without the prohibitive cost of hiring a full-time VP of Marketing. You pay only for the time and services you need, making it a smart investment for your senior living portfolio.

The Bild System addresses the missing link in sales training. Our census grew from 90–99% company-wide in six months, doing nothing different than implementing the Bild System. I recommend this fabulous system to anyone outside our community’s market service area!

Carlton Senior Living

Carlton Senior Living logo

Carlton Senior Living

With Bild's help, we increased census to 99%, a company record and an amazing achievement in our industry!

Acts Retirement Life

ACTS Retirement Life logo

Acts Retirement Life

We are very fortunate to have Bild & Co as our training and development partner. The LCS SalesFirst program was launched in 2018 and the success stories continue to grow as we more tightly integrate Operations and Sales with the support of Bild & Co!

Joel Nelson, CEO

LifeCare Services logo

LifeCare Services

Since 2010, we've used the Bild & Co training with our communities to increase both occupancy and revenue. We have experienced much success including 100% occupancy and waiting lists! In addition to the increases, Bild & Co provides education to our community teams on continued accountability and metrics, including positive ROI. It has been a pleasure working with the Bild team and we look forward to continued success and partnership.

Severine Petras, CEO & Co-Founder

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Priority Life Care

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