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Rule #4: Going Above and Beyond

Do what’s required, from the menial to the extraordinary, to get the job done.

Sounds simple, right? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Perhaps it is, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen as often as it should. So last week I had a flat tire. A fairly common, yet inconvenient turn of events on a crazy busy day. One additional hiccup, I was driving to pick up a friend whose car had broken down/dead battery and was struggling to find someone to pick her up. I get there to pick up her, start to pull out of the parking lot and there goes the tire! Additional hiccup, we share a common social circle so if she was having trouble tracking someone down, I wasn’t going to have much better luck. I’m not at all worried, I have two options for roadside assistance. It’s a beautiful day, so I’m thinking no real issues to hinder response time. Well, I was wrong! One told me “hopefully within” three hours and the other put me on hold for over 20 minutes. SERIOUSLY??? We finally track someone down, leave my SUV in the parking lot, arrive at home and I work on getting my tire fixed.

I call around to check my options and to find out appointment availabilities. Everywhere from car dealerships, known tire companies and the little mom and pop down the street. Yes, I understand that it is MY problem and MY inconvenience and MY calendar interruptions, but if you want my business could you have a little compassion and perhaps a reasonable solution? Fast forward about an hour…I call the little shop about five minutes away. As soon as they picked up the phone, I immediately lowered my defense and relaxed. Something that I hadn’t done in about two hours. They were pleasant and sounded as if they really wanted to help me. Versus sounding annoyed that I interrupted their afternoon. That to me is MENIAL!!! A pleasant voice on the other end of the line. I explained my situation and guess what? The sky opened, the angels sang, I had a solution offered to me and they had a customer for life!!! And I didn’t even have my car fixed yet! To wrap up a very long story, they picked me up, took me to my car, patched the tire and told me it would last until I could find a convenient time to come in for new tires (yes, I did need them prior to winter), jump started my friend’s car, told me to have a great day and went back to the shop. Later that evening, I go in to order tires and they don’t try and sell me the most expensive ones they offer me three solutions and tell me to go home do my research and let them know the ones I want. WHAT??? Never heard of such a thing, but I’m thrilled! Do my research, ask some opinions of people who know more about cars and tires than I do, order them and they tell me they will call when they come in. The price difference from the immediate over the phone quote from other companies and my new found friends down the street was SIGNIFICANT!! The tires arrive, I take the car in, they tell me it will be done at a certain time and to enjoy my Saturday. Yes, they said to have a good day and I believe genuinely meant it! I go back, they have also washed my car and changed my oil because they saw I was just 100 miles away from my next service appointment and would have to take the SUV in again in under a week. But because they didn’t ask to change the oil, they just did it no charge and my car was fixed and spotless too!!! To me that’s EXTRAORDINARY!

So, now think about your community. What are you and your team doing to get the job done? Well first of all, just answer the phone with a pleasant and helpful tone. You might be surprised how much that will set you apart from your competition! Sad, but true! Secondly, what can you do to appear EXTRAORDINARY? One Extras and WOW factors sound familiar? If a prospect is just overwhelmed about the moving process, could you offer a moving company or space planner to help? If an adult influencer is worried that Mom and Dad just won’t like the food because Mom was the “best cook ever”, could you offer a dinner with their favorite meal prepared by the chef? Don’t just do one of these things. Do them all! Each time! Every time! If you do it often enough, it will become a habit and then you will have made your team AWESOME and the envy of all of your competitors.

If you are ever in my area of the country and need your car repaired, call me. I have the BEST place to take it. If not, use them as an example on how to keep a client (prospect) for life and I’m sure quite a few referrals too!

Until next time…


Written by Jenn Cox, COO at Bild & Company.

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