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Revenue Growth Coaching

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Tired of ending up net negative month over month with no end in sight? 

Do you find it nearly impossible to get sales directors to use their CRM, follow up on tours, and simply ask for the check?

While it may seem like an easy job, assisted living sales has  never been more challenging. With a pandemic, new development, pricing wars and paid referrals eating into your bottom line, most people in sales are in uncharted territory.

Designed to fast-track sales, our Revenue Growth Coaching works hand in hand with your sales and executive directors to increase the velocity of move-ins, community occupancy, and revenue for improved operational performance in your assisted living communities. Average occupancy growth is 10% within six months and 14% within 10 months of revenue growth coaching.


Accelerate Results with Revenue Growth Coaching

Our Revenue Growth Coaching program was designed to support operators and investors who seek improved sales performance within their seniors housing communities, at the site level, yet lack the needed resources.

A Bild-certified coach works directly with both the executive and sales directors to create customized growth strategies and provide expert insight and motivation—as well as the accountability needed to net up and grow occupancy, revenue, and net operating income quickly.

Revenue Growth Coaching is ideal for…

  • Underperforming independent and assisted living communities, memory care, life plan or continuum of care communities.
  • Recent independent or assisted living acquisitions.
  • Independent and assisted living, memory care, life plan or continuum of care retirement community expansions.
  • Owners ready to sell and maximize the value of a seniors housing communities.
  • Recapitalization of seniors housing assets.

Grow Top-Line Revenue & Net Operating Income

Replacing costly paid referral agency fees and marketing expenditures with quality referral partners ensures that the revenue generated from assisted living move-ins goes straight to the bottom line.


Our immediate focus is on accelerating the velocity of move-ins at market-rate rent for a much-needed bump in cash flow and revenue within your seniors housing communities.

Use real-time intel to pivot your sales strategy. 

Understand your buyer experience and sales trends with a complementary sample of mystery shops on any three communities of your choice.