Leverage Weekly Data Findings to Enhance Your Business Performance.


If you are a REIT or investor who seeks to improve sales performance and ultimately earnings, welcome! We have successfully worked with many REITS and investors to assess individual communities and portfolios, providing valuable and non-biased third party insight on how to improve earnings while creating a better customer experience.


Our objective third-party insight into operator performance and market intelligence is critical to a disciplined underwriting process for acquisition and development financing, especially in this competitive environment.

Some lenders, banks and financial intermediaries are beginning to require Bild & Co be involved in a financing before granting investment committee approval, and this trend is catching on.

Our comp analysis is generated from grass roots direct human sourced data collection, rather than relying on third party data subscriptions. This is a major differentiation in the industry, and the insights and conclusions that can be applied from our analysis lead to higher levels of sustainable security of a property’s cash flow stream.

Wondering where to start?

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 I have a community or portfolio underperforming and need objective insight

 I need to have an operator objectively assessed as they are not meeting performance expectations

 I’m considering a new development or expansion and need competitive market intelligence

I need to better equip our asset managers to understand not just how to assess but drive performance

I am ready to grow occupancy, revenue and net operating income

 I am a real estate investor seeking to enter the seniors housing and care market and need expertise to do it right