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The Power of the WOW Factor & One Extra

Is it your dream to see your name in lights on Broadway or in Vegas some day? The idea of seeing your name evokes excitement and makes you feel special. Imagine being able to give this feeling to a potential resident or a family coming in to visit your community. Wouldn’t you rather their first emotion be positive as they enter your lobby rather than anxiety or fear? This is the power of the WOW factor.

The sales team has the ability to make a great first impression by the simple gesture of a personalized welcome. The goal of the WOW factor is to replace or at least lessen the fear and anxiety of walking into a retirement community or health center. By simply having a white board or chalk board in the front lobby welcoming your visitors individually, you have set your community apart from others. Another WOW factor is introducing your visitors to a resident or family member with a similar interest or common history. This interaction takes away the sales feel of the visit. It shows that the sales team trusts the testimonials of ther own residents and families. It is known that families and potential residents will visit at least three if not five or more communities in their search. With all of the options out there, how will you set yourself apart?

Now that you’ve given your guests the WOW factor and they feel a little more at ease with the visit, how will you approach them with a commitment for the close? That’s right, the One Extra! Giving someone a tangible gift encourages the feeling of agreement in return. The key to the One Extra is to make it personal and meaningful. Ideas for One Extras come from the initial discovery questions asked during the inquiry call. As a Census and Sales Strategist, I love hearing the creative ideas our teams come up with for One Extras. Is the potential resident a bird enthusiast? Why not get them a bird watching book or a small bird feeder? This small gift shows that you listened to what interests your lead and made the personal connection. Do you often hear, “mom USED to play BINGO,” or “dad USED to love to fish?” Show the family how their loved one can still enjoy those activities at your community. The key is making the connection, and remember to be genuine. Most communities have general marketing giveaways such as pens and coffee mugs, but how can you personalize them? Find out what the potential resident likes to drink and include that with the mug. Give them a note card set with their initial or favorite animal on them and include your logo pen. The ideas are endless!

The power of the WOW factor and One Extra will set you apart from other communities and give you the confidence to ask for the next step or commitment to close. Again, the exchange of a small gift gives the family or potential resident the permission to reciprocate the positive gesture or agree to the next step. The plan now is to be creative and remember to listen to the details on the inquiry calls to make the connection each family deserves.

Written by Jocelyn Schrader, Census & Sales Strategist at Bild & Company.

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