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Naughty or Nice List – Which are you on?

I don’t mean the one you tell your kids about. Or the one that gets you a lump of coal and nothing in your stocking. I mean the “nice” one that proves you lead as an example to your team and that you allow your team to provide feedback, observations and expertise to the entire team. There is also the “naughty” one that says you don’t. The one that when a huge project is on a time crunch and having some red flags, you let you frustration and pessimistic side show to the entire team and the project becomes even more derailed because they follow your lead. If you were on the nice list, you would be perfectly entitled to be frustrated BEHIND the scenes, but you would put on your realistic, rose colored glasses, empower the team and dive in with an open mind and positive attitude.

So ask the Santa in your office, which list you are on! I’m betting the nice list will also make your job a little easier and more fulfilling. Wouldn’t that be a nice little gift for you?


Scenario 4

After a time, Rudolph, Hermey, and Cornelius set out to tell Santa about the Island of Misfit Toys. They promise the toys that they will help Santa see that even though the toys aren’t what people might expect, they can still be loved and enjoyed by a needy child.

Lesson #4:

As leaders, are we in tune when our team members “manage up?” Sometimes, we don’t realize how our own behavior or ideas impact others. We can be even better leaders if we are open to the wisdom and observations of others. The success of the leader and the team is interdependent and we need to welcome feedback that is shared with us.


Scenario 5

As we all know, the story ends well. One foggy Christmas Eve, Santa realizes that Rudolph’s nose, so bright, is just the thing to guide the sleigh that important night. Once the leader embraces Rudolph, so does the rest of the reindeer team. The sleigh stops at the island to pick up the misfit toys, and drops them into the homes of needy children who will love them dearly.

Lesson #5:

As leaders, we set the example. If we view a new project with enthusiasm, so will the team. If we see a challenge as an opportunity, the team will follow our lead. If we seek out ways to use the strengths of our individual followers, they will be embraced by the rest of the team for their uniqueness, rather than ridiculed for it.

I would be remiss if I did not remind you that the blogs this month are from Eleanor Biddulph and her article, 6 Leadership Lessons from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Until next week…

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