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How many times did you hear this growing up? If you are a parent, how many times have you said this to your child? I know this parent says it at least three times a week! My daughter knows that she should, but the “life of a teenager” seems to want to take priority. And who can blame her? Would you rather sit down and finish that month end report or go to dinner with your family? So prior to this school year, if you just didn’t do the last five problems of homework, you missed five points. So if there were 30 problems, you received 25/30 or an 83%. Take that times three classes, you have maintained a B average and found yourself an hour or so of fun and free time. Not too bad for re-prioritizing your evening. But this year, welcome to life after middle school, you get all or nothing on homework. If you don’t do the last five, you get a ZERO!!! Doesn’t matter if you spent two hours doing the first 25. ZERO! I admit,it’s a bit extreme. And you can only image when the kids think of that rule!!!! But, after some reflection, I like the rule. It’s teaching them about life. It’s learning time management. It’s creating a person who you can count on. It’s molding them into YOUR next employee!!

As you think about that, ask yourself if you ALWAYS do your homework? Sales counselors, are you ALWAYS doing your visit planning sheet? Are you ALWAYS drilling down and needs matching your new inquiries? Or are you just putting forth the effort to get that 83%? Not bad. Most of us would be happy with a B. Above average and solid effort. But think about this. What if your homework effort matched that of your census? So would you be happy with an 83%? I’m going to go with NO!

So put forth 100% on your homework, and I am going to bet you will see a bump in occupancy. I’m also going to say that your team will follow your lead and ALWAYS do their homework. If you aren’t doing it, why would your team? They are learning from your example and your work ethic.

It’s simple. Take the extra time on the front end, and reap the rewards in the long run.

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Written by Jenn Cox, COO at Bild & Company.

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