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Executive Leadership Academy

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Calling all Leaders!

Join us for our four-week intensive on Executive Leadership. This session is designed for executive leaders in the seniors housing industry who want challenge themselves and their teams to the next level. Together, we will focus on the following topics:

Week 1: Accountability, Goal Setting and Time Management
You’re one person. So how do you maximize your visibility to each of your properties, while still trying to run your portfolio? This week we will focus on best practices on accountability, what sales activity to look at and what to do with the results.

Week 2: Coaching to Excellence
What do and your favorite sports athlete have in common? Well by joining this class, you both have a coach! In this session we break down the barriers and equip you with the essentials to become a stronger coach and leader.

Week 3: Inspecting what you Expect
In this session we will discuss how to master the on-site visit. We will include Bild’s proprietary on-site checklist, along with segments of our operational scorecard to measure your communities.

Week 4: Traci’s Live Session on Executive Leadership

4 live classes for only $1,150


4-week live web class for senior living executives.