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Embrace Your Weaknesses

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Rule 10 – Embrace your weaknesses.

I will admit that as I write this, I am embracing one of mine (weaknesses). I get writers block and then it makes me angry! My mind never turns off. I always have something to say. Yet I can’t think of one darn thing to write. Why is that? And why do I allow it to make me angry?

It is a weakness of mine that I get mad at myself for the littlest things. It also shows some of my other weaknesses. Loss of control. Frustration. Failure to live up to my own, self-imposed expectations. The list goes on. Trust me, I know have weaknesses and with age I embrace them much more freely than I did when I was younger. (Side note, a weakness of many is Rule #3! Forgot Rule #3? Read it here.) I admit that I could have gotten really angry, walked away from this blog and decided to just not write about it. I could have easily procrastinated until the pressure to complete it on time was at a critical stage and compromised others’ deadlines, but instead I took a quick walk, grabbed a glass of water, turned up my music, took a deep breath and kept going. Yes, I looked at a blank screen for a bit. Yes, I have written no less than 11 introductions before getting to this point. Yes, I have had what we call “flat tires” in this home. (A “flat tire” is that really long, loud sigh that is the teenage way of expressing frustration without the verbal commentary. HA!!!) But look, I’ve gotten a full paragraph done!!! YAY ME!!

Now, what about your weaknesses? We all have them. And in my opinion, our strengths counterbalance them the majority of the time. But you have to admit your weaknesses in order to embrace and overcome them. So think about these, which I know are very common. Scheduling a set call time and actually making the calls? Overcoming prospect objections? Completing the entire follow up process in a timely manner? Speaking in front of crowds? Taking on a new job responsibility, which is outside of your comfort zone? Really building outreach relationships and a strong Circle of Influence?

Any of these sound familiar? Ok, now embrace it. However you need to refocus your mindset, do it now. Deep breath. Now go!!

Perhaps that weakness will become one of your best strengths with a little more commitment and repetition.

Until next week… Let’s hope no writers block then!


Written by Jenn Cox, COO at Bild & Company.

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