Training and Revenue Growth Coaching

Bild & Company offers two decades of expertise partnering with senior living operators to grow occupancy, revenue, and net operating income.

The Story Behind Our Training and Coaching

Partner with experts who have a passion for small- to mid-sized operators seeking to close occupancy and revenue gaps. If occupancy is flat or declining, our team can help you quickly gain sales traction.

Over 15 years ago, Debra DeRolf, a senior living VPSM, picked up 7 Steps to Successful Selling, written by Traci Bild, the CEO of Bild & Company. After reading the book, she asked Traci to help grow the occupancy of a portfolio of luxury CCRC communities in Arizona and Florida, and Traci agreed.

To better understand the customer experience, Traci began calling and visiting both the client and its competitors. She was shocked. At every community, the sales process was mediocre at best. There was no customer experience. Instead, there was an order-taking mentality, resulting in vacant apartments and lost revenue. And the lackluster sales process failed to impact the lives of prospective residents. It seemed people didn’t even realize they were in sales.

Rolling up her sleeves, Traci began to systematize the senior living sales process with a focus on the emotional connection, proven to be the most important factor required to drive sales.

Six months later, revenue had grown by over 4 million dollars.

We experienced a net sales increase of over 21%, generating an additional $4,000,000 in revenue per year. Traci Bild is beyond compare & the first guru I’ve ever heard who offers people simple, practical, step-by-step systems that get results!
Debra DeRolf, VP Sales, The Fountains Retirement Communities
I love how your team comes in and lays out a solid sales infrastructure that allows people to work smart, not hard.
Megan Longley, Vice President Sales, ACTS Retirement Life Communities

This was the catalyst that led Traci Bild to pioneer best practices that have transformed the experiences of seniors and their families.

Working with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, Traci says, “I found my soul mate by accident. While my mom was a nurse-aid and I a candy striper in the nursing home my grandfather lived in, I never dreamed I would one day grow up to help transform these types of organizations that do so much good in the world. I will forever be grateful that Debra picked my book up in that airport bookstore.”

Although Bild & Company has worked with 80% of the top 100 senior living organizations, it has now put a laser focus on small- to mid-sized operators. With Bild & Company’s help, many smaller clients have grown into industry giants, something this team is very proud of.

Traci explains, “My team thrives on empowering our clients to be great, to achieve what once seemed impossible. While it is a science to fill communities, it’s not rocket science.”

Find a customized solution to increase occupancy. After pinpointing your needs, we’ll provide training that makes the most sense for you.

What Makes Coaching Special

See why our coaching fills portfolios.

Overall, we had an incredible growth of 13%. With an increase of 31 units, the ROI is well over $900,000 in annual rental income!
Melissa Owens, VPSM, Elmcroft Senior Living
Bild & Company is amazing, top to bottom. I enjoy the fact that the team is direct in their communication and/or recommendations with strategizing what’s next for our organization.
Justin Gill, VP of Acquisitions and Development, CRMS Communities
Uncover what’s preventing revenue growth. Our mystery shops provide an objective look at the experience your team creates for families. The results you seek lie in the answers we provide.
Ditch the cookie-cutter approach! We solve complex challenges with a broad range of solutions, including virtual coaching and on-site training.
Let accountability create a team with one purpose. Bild & Company’s systematic training, tracking, and metrics put your staff on the same page.
Gain a committed team who understands how to drive the sales process while creating a raving-fan customer experience. From licensing, new hire onboarding, CRM integration, and more, our programs are designed to be sustained long-term within your organization. 
Tap into Bild & Company’s leadership and train the trainer programs. Bring your leaders from regional sales, operations, and clinical together to close occupancy gaps without discounts or incentives.
Thriving sales need a thriving culture supported by your entire management team. We’ll foster a sales-centered atmosphere supported by operations. Staff will be united by a common purpose: to serve every senior possible by maximizing occupancy.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.
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