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Our Story

We know how important it is to you to build your legacy. With Bild & Co you can make money and make your mark. It takes a delicate mix of care and performance for Senior Living sales to succeed in this quickly shifting and highly competitive marketplace.

That’s why Bild & Co partners with small-to-midsized Senior Living companies to offer full service strategic and sales support—offering simple systems to turnkey sales and marketing management.

With 20+ years of expertise and an integrated suite of 5 proven services, we are here to help you unleash the full potential of your current communities—or build new ones.

Together we are innovating the new standard for Senior Living Sales and Marketing because full beds means fuller hearts.

Bild & Co: Legacy Driven. Performance Achieved.

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Our Visionary

At the heart of our company is our visionary, Traci Bild. Having founded Bild & Company in 1999, Traci has grown our healthcare consulting firm to serve clients in the US, Canada and the UK, specializing in coaching, training, mystery shopping, and marketing. A dynamic individual, Traci is the author of 7 Steps to Successful Selling, Zero Lost Revenue Days, and Get Your Girl Back. She’s been featured in The Today Show, BBC, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and more for her expertise.

Read Traci’s full story here.

The Bild Way

Adaptability is something that marks Bild & Company. But there are a few things we’ll never change—our foundational beliefs. Here are several principles we bring to every project, no matter the situation.

Selling senior living care can be systematized.

Selling senior living care doesn’t have to be complicated. Bild & Company follows Traci’s proven sales systems, and we know it produces results. Whether we train or coach, we employ a structured, metrics-based approach that can be learned by clinical, operational, and sales staff.

Selling senior living care involves an emotional connection.

At Bild & Company, we believe that cultivating an emotional connection with prospects is paramount. Much of our success can be traced to helping clients develop this important skill. In senior living sales, the decision-maker is often the adult daughter. As an organization headed by women executives, Bild & Company understands the emotional side of sales. And we’re passionate about helping operators understand this important dimension.

Selling senior living care should involve both operational and sales staff.

Achieving high occupancy isn’t just the work of sales directors. The best results come when both directors of operations and directors of sales understand a systematic sales process. Building a sales-centered culture requires collaboration between all departments and execution. Bild & Company believes that increased revenue is best achieved when all departments are committed to a building a raving-fan experience.

Selling senior living care requires accountability.

Accountability puts head knowledge into action. Bild & Company knows that unless your team embraces accountability, you’re less likely to see our proven sales systems executed and your occupancy improve.

What if we told you that revenue growth sales training and coaching
together could increase your profitability by 88 percent?

Through a proven, systematic approach to training and coaching, a large percent of Bild’s client roster has achieved 100 percent occupancy. Find out how Bild & Company can help you grow your occupancy.

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Our Team

The Bild & Company team is unique. Our executive team has a deep expertise and a wide range of skills in everything from mystery shopping to on-site community sales coaching. Our Bild & Company directors have a track record of proven success in helping senior care providers experience increased revenue. And as a woman-based organization, we bring a unique perspective to senior care communities, helping staff relate to prospects in a way that cultivates relationships and drives sales.

Our Areas of Expertise

Bild & Company has expertise working with small-sized operations, mid-sized communities, and large corporations. We have the experience to grow occupancy for  independent living communities, assisted living communities, skilled nursing communities, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), and more. For each client, we focus on building a sales culture and implementing solid systems for inquiries, on-site community tours, and follow-ups. In every project, our goal is to fill vacancies, drive move-ins, and increase net operating income.

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