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3 Steps to Drive Sales by Asking 1 Simple Question

Several weeks ago I presented a seminar to an international recruiting company and most of the sales people were in their early twenties. They started asking me questions like:

  • How do I close a sale using Facebook?
  • What’s the best way to book an appointment via text?
  • Is there a formula for writing high impact emails?

Answering their questions, it hit me- selling is modernizing! While we tend to sell in person and over the phone, using social and online tools in seniors housing and healthcare is a game changer. Interacting with this group got my juices flowing and inspired me to share some great ideas with you on how to incorporate social media tools as well as texting and emailing into your sales strategy starting today.

  1. Social Media: What I love about selling is that it’s all about relationships. In our business, people buy people. If I’m going to move my loved one to your community or use your services- you better bet that I’m going to feel really good about entrusting that person to your care. Social media is also all about relationships- hence the word “social”! If you are not yet using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to court referral sources, adult children and residents then the time has come! Use these platforms to engage people in fun conversation, to like their postings, and better “connect”!
  2. Follow Up: Starting today, when engaging in conversation with new leads and referral sources be sure to ask them the following question before getting off the phone or leaving the appointment, “What’s your preferred form of communication? Do you prefer a phone call, text, or email?” Of course say it in your own words but the goal is to find out how they like to communicate and to make note as well as respect their wishes on future follow up efforts. You will be shocked how many people will say, “Oh thanks, I would really prefer a text!” Honor this request and you will move way up on the hot list because not only are your competitors not asking, even when they do, odds are they are not listening and responding appropriately. Sad but true!
  • When leaving messages, immediately follow up with a phone call with an option of two times to connect via phone. Keep the email short, to the point and let your personality come through.
  • To do this- you have to get emails. Always ask for an email address, it’s the norm.

       3. Modernize: Just because you may not enjoy these social mediums doesn’t mean your prospects don’t. While it may be odd at first, as you gain more engagement and set more appointments (because you’re better able to communicate), you will be excited about your ability to adapt and get results!

I’m excited about the many opportunities you have to further engage and build relationships with your future residents, patients and referral sources. There are so many new fun and exciting ways to connect and build relationships- which in turn builds trust and trust as you know, leads to more sales.  Feel intimidated? All you have to do is take the first step- starting tomorrow, begin to implement these strategies into your sales system and expect great things to happen!

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Written by Traci Bild, Chairwoman Bild & Company

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