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Rule #5: Looking for Luck? Work Harder & Smarter

Personally, I don’t really think it is that you get “luckier.” But I do believe you have additional advantages and accomplishments by being a smart and hard worker. An excellent quote by Kevin Durant, NBA Star for the Oklahoma City Thunder, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Again, that’s not luck. Just good old fashion work ethic!

Take an athlete for example. The member of the team who works their butts off every single day in practice. Hustles on every drill, stays after on his/her own to work on a few weak points, is coachable, pumps up teammates, etc. When they receive an award for MVP, a scholarship, the game ball, whatever it may be, is that luck? No. Is it an advantage over their teammates who may not work as hard? Yes, but they EARNED that advantage.

Think of school. I’ll use my own daughter as an example. She struggles in school. Many of her challenges are just a way of life for her. Nothing but hard work, determination and smart planning gets her to her achievements. There are many unpleasant nights of homework. Failed tests not because she didn’t study or try. Long hours of tutoring and extra credit projects to improve her grade. All of this SHE DOES. She knows that if her teachers see how hard she works and the determination she has, they will allow her to do just one more extra credit project. They help her before and after school because she wants to do better. So if she gets a B+ in social studies vs. the B- she had, is that luck? NO! It’s an amazing accomplishment because of her drive and determination!

Now sales team let’s think about what you do every day. You have been on 10 visits, just today, with your Circle of Influence (COI). Tomorrow you have three more. You have set up a lunch and learn with available CEUs for the area discharge planners two weeks from Monday and you have the PERFECT one extra for Mr. & Mrs. Brown being delivered this morning after their visit and dinner last night. Oh, and don’t forget to note that your IPA is the highest you have had in months! So fast forward to next month. You have five referrals who are moving in, Mr. & Mrs. Brown put their deposit down and are hosting a house warming lunch for five couples and your commission check just put a deposit down on the perfect family vacation. Again I ask, is that luck?? Nope! It’s working smarter and harder and because of that you reap the benefits.

So I truly believe a rule in life is to work hard and smart. Does it bring you luck? Perhaps on occasion. But what it really brings you is SUCCESS and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. And I know that makes the hard work definitely worth the time.

Until next week, here’s to working harder and achieving more.


Written by Jenn Cox, COO at Bild & Company.

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