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Why Sales Objections Happen in Senior Living

In the Senior Living industry, sales objections happen far too often.

While mid-sized operators and their sales staff can’t stop objections, there is more than one way to put your prospects’ mind at ease.

Sales equal move-ins. Move-ins equal revenue.

Revenue equals a sustainable, continuously profitable business.

This is a fairly simple equation, and yet sales objections place a boulder-sized obstacle that blocks millions in revenue.

Sales objections are nothing new in business; however, for the Senior Living industry, no-buy decisions come from a different psychology.

Objections are rarely a question of “Do I need this right now?”

It’s more along the lines of “How will this decision impact mom and dad’s emotional, mental, and physical health?”

There is nothing wrong with the service you offer—it’s a vital and sacred offering that people truly need. The problem is how your sales directors present that service.

A few common objections might include:

  • Expense.
  • “I’m not ready.”
  • Wanting time to think/not wanting to make rash decisions.
  • Family disagreements.
  • Thinking mom and dad will feel resentful.

Before I tell you how to stifle all of these concerns, know the cardinal rule of Senior Living sales: it’s crucial to understand the person to whom you’re selling.

Many sales professionals walk around in the dark without fully understanding the buyer persona.

And this costs you major revenue. Be sure to dedicate time to understanding the psychology of your market.

In truth, the most common Senior Living objections provide insight into who your buyers really are.

The Expense Objection

All of our adult lives we hear about the expense of eldercare.

The more medical services and amenities you offer, the higher the ticket price.

Many prospects remain well aware of the cost prior to shopping around.

To beat the cost objection, be as detailed as possible about the services you offer.

Explain why services are priced as such, and never hesitate to answer questions.

If your sales staff feels as if there is a question that needs to be asked but isn’t, train them to ask it themselves.

The Readiness Objection

It’s difficult to admit when our parents and grandparents need help.

At the same time, many residents want to continue living independent lives and may feel discouraged by the idea of assisted living.

In this case, train your sales staff to describe how each resident will be treated according to his or her needs.

If a resident is truly independent, he or she will not require the more extensive care you offer.

By extension, independent living remains intact.

The Questioning Objection 

Even though the transition to a Senior Living community is often obvious, that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult.

Your residents and the families who make decisions on their behalf will often feel as if they’re not ready.

To conquer this objection, come from a place of empathy and respect.

Any Senior Living sales training worth its salt will show your staff how to paint the most positive picture.

Ask plenty of questions about what the individual wants, needs, and desires.

Use detailed descriptions to spotlight how much better their life will be based on what they are saying is important to them.

The Family Objection

Most often, you will deal directly with the adult daughter—one person who calls the shots and makes healthcare decisions.

The future resident will have likely pinpointed this family member early on, as she has remained a trustworthy figure in his or her life.

However, siblings don’t always agree on what’s best for the resident.

If you need to get everyone on the same page, your sales team must build the resident experience.

Hopefully, families can agree on one thing: mom and dad deserve happiness and respect.

If your property delivers on that promise, you can create agreement that leads to high revenue.

Proper sales training will help you thrive.

The Resentment Objection

No matter if we’re discussing your sales staff or your buyers, it’s always the resident that comes first.

If buyers sense that the resident will feel resentful that they’ve been relocated, then the sales process becomes tougher.

Only with expert-level sales training can you conquer this objection.

My team has a track record of results of redirecting companies toward success.

I know what training your sales team needs. I’ll help your organization focus on long-term success.

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