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Why Do People Call Your Community? — Drilling Down

Why do people call your community? What are the most common things you are hearing? I challenge you to ask yourself if you “really” know.

So frequently, when discussing inquiries and leads, whether they are hot or you’ve been working with them for quite some time, the question comes up:

What prompted them to call or stop in? This is what I sometimes hear:

  • They just need to downsize, the house is too much.
  • They are just starting to look/starting to plan.
  • The daughter is concerned about mom’s safety at home.

Sound familiar?

What does it mean to “DRILL DOWN?” I know it may seem obvious. Sometimes it’s easy to assume that you have the answers needed to know how to best help this family that is coming to you for guidance. To drill down means to learn as much as you can about what it is that they are looking for. What is NOT working about their current situation; what are they hoping to gain by making this type of move? Take “safety” for example; drilling down here could sound like,” Do you mind sharing with me what you mean when you say you are concerned about your mom’s safety?”

The benefits of learning more at the beginning of the sales process are endless. Knowing exactly what is prompting that inquiry is going to help you know exactly where the value needs to be built. Why is this good news? You will be able to deliver on what is most important SOONER and in a way your competition is not; minimizing the length of your sales process and helping you to build value on WHY they should move onto the next step.

Key things to consider as you reflect on how much you are really drilling down:

  • Caution on assuming! Unless you ask, you don’t truly know what your caller means when they give you surface answers.
  • If you are wondering about something- ASK! “Help me understand what you mean by……”
  • Ask yourself, do I have enough information to really plan for a personal visit (vs. a “cookie cutter” tour that will look like all other tours they take.)
  • Following your calls, ask yourself what else you could have, or should have, asked. This reflection will help you to get in the habit of learning more, and help you to feel more prepared for the next call.
  • This is an Emotional Decision, never forget that! Your drill down questions should be geared towards what it is they would like to see happen, and building rapport and trust; the goal is not to learn what medications they are on and what level of care they will need- that comes later for some communities.
  • Plan for what Drill Down questions will be most valuable for leads you have been working with for a period of time. Planning for this will bring value to your outbound calls instead of the age old “calling to check in, are you ready to make a decision?”
  • Allow yourself the time needed for this quality conversation. Your “to-do” list will be waiting for you when you are done. And more good news, the more discovery you do at the beginning will actually save you time in the end.

Remember to be yourself and allow your genuine concern to shine through. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the family coming to you gets the answers and resources they are looking for. The only way to know how to best help them is to learn their story! Personally, my favorite part of the job!

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