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Ultimate Pricing Course

An Investor, Owner, Executive Guide to Position your Seniors Housing Community in the Market to Maximize Profits and Revenue without Discounting or Devaluing your Brand

In this course you will learn:

From our research, the biggest takeaway from this PRICING STRATEGY COURSE is that the most important drivers of a company’s value are PROFIT and GROWTH.

While the term growth typically means revenue, growth occurs in different ways. It can stem from volume increases or price increases. The most important point that stands out is that these scenarios have very different effects on profit and therefore on value which can impact everything from your brand image and customer expectations to increases in profit or decreases in growth. Price increases compared to volume increases result in almost double the margins. That’s why this strategy is so important for Seniors Housing executives to learn and implement.

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Are you curious how to increase OCCUPANCY, PROFITS, and REVENUE for your Seniors Housing Community?

In this course, you will learn TEN impactful lessons that are easy to digest, easy to understand, and even easier to implement. In each lesson, you will review a video, a short chapter on how the lesson applies to Seniors Housing, and an assignment you can use to huddle with your team so you can GET RESULTS FAST and take action now.

Here is an overview of what to expect within each lesson:

Cash flow, profit & loss

Lesson #1: Could you be leaving money on the table?

Every dollar of revenue and profit that a company generates is a direct or indirect result of a pricing decision. Learn how top executives can take an object approach to pricing and positioning before making decisions.

Lesson #2: How to build value into your pricing and sales model.

Discounting without being trained to sell on value is contributing to the pricing wars in the Seniors Housing Industry. Learn how to do a better job of training employees and communicating value to consumers.

Lesson #3: Understand the psychology behind pricing and how to use scarcity so that consumers take action.

Using scarcity will supercharge sales and create value in the sales process. Implementing small changes in alternative price structures will impact revenue and profit without any increase in cost and can drive a better customer experience.

Lesson #4: How to set the most optimal price position for your community or new development.

Without strategy, executives are making unnecessary and costly mistakes. Lowering price doesn’t always mean losing profits. Executives should consider efficiencies in the pricing strategy to ensure maximum revenue results.

Lesson #5: How discounting is killing margins and the customer experience.

Profit is ultimately the only valid metric for guiding your organization and the only metric that takes both the revenue and the cost side of business into account. Learn how operators can sell at market rate rent then push occupancy to boost profits by establishing a fee integrity culture.

Lesson #6: How to stand out in the market to avoid the trap of competitor pricing.

Executives can fall into the trap of matching competitor pricing and diminishing profit margins. Unfortunately, cutting prices can inhibit your ability to deliver on your mission and promises. Learn how differentiating will help you avoid major discounting and price cuts.

Lesson #7: Understand the pros and cons of unbundled pricing in seniors’ communities.

Even though this is a complex strategy, there is evidence that unbundling is a strategy that can drive revenue and profits. By leveraging this lesson, you learn how to gain increased interest and market share while recovering diminishing margins.
Man holding chart

Lesson #8: How not to fall short on delivering customers need for immediate pricing.

Almost every sector has seen a disruption to their space in the form of pricing and product delivery in the last three decades. Learn how the Seniors Housing market is ripe for pricing transparency to meet customer demands.
Warning Sign

Lesson #9: Learn the four indicators that Seniors Housing is in a competitive crisis and how to avoid self-destructive behaviors killing margins and customer experience.

Overcapacity in our market has caused pricing wars so operators react and cut pricing. Our market is experiencing all four indicators of a collapse in demand. Learn how to shift your mindset from increasing occupancy to fee integrity revenue growth.

Lesson #10: Understand why Seniors Housing operators fail to understand the power that price has profit and value.

With high acuity, increased regulation, a lean staff and an ongoing workforce crisis, there is little to no time for operators to focus on driving profit on behalf of its investors. Learn how seniors housing executives can stop sacrificing margins and meet investor demands.