What if we told you that revenue growth sales training and coaching
together could increase your profitability by 88 percent?


Over 20 years ago, Bild & Company pioneered an industry shift and transformed the way senior living and healthcare services are presented and sold. Through a proven, systematic approach to training and coaching, a large percent of Bild’s client roster has achieved 100 percent occupancy. Whether you manage a portfolio of properties across the country, operate a single community, or are a start-up, Bild sales trainers and coaches provide a customized turnkey solution based on your set goals to help you close revenue gaps; sustain an empowered culture that works seamlessly to drive revenue; and increase your business valuation and worth.

Through a complete turnkey solution, we help you create a superior customer experience that translates into more revenue.


What makes Bild’s sales systems superior in the industry?

We asses your entire organization – from your sales culture to the way your in-house programs are branded
We use multi-pronged tactics on-site and virtual sales coaching for mid and high level executive teams
We create a performance plan based on clear systematic tracking and metrics
We help you focus on sustainable long term sales success versus a quick fix mentality
We help key leaders identify key benchmarks and sales goals
We generate a sales centered culture across all facets of a business to fuel the revenue machine of your company
With almost 1600 units total, occupancy has grown 4.68% since coaching start date on the ten coached communities after just six months of coaching. This totals 2.5 million dollars of additional revenue per year.
VP Marketing, Senior Housing Facility

Transform your sales team and drive revenue.