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“Tis the Season to be…”

You can fill in the blank because by default the answer is “jolly”, but I’m not so sure all of us feel that way during the entire holiday season. I will say I do have my “go to” activities to put me in the “spirit” of the season. One is watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I LOVE it! I love Hermey, Land of Misfit Toys, Abominable Snowman and of course Rudolph. I probably should watch it even when it isn’t the holidays, because it always makes me happy.

So you can only IMAGINE my elation, when I ran across the article by Eleanor Biddulph, 6 Leadership Lessons from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Over the next few weeks, I will share Ms. Biddulph’s lessons for you to think about over the holiday season.

Scenario 1


Rudolph first appears as the new deer at the playground. The other reindeer notice Rudolph’s shiny nose as it glows, and begin to laugh at him and call him names. Meanwhile, at Elf School, Hermey the Elf is also being ridiculed because he wants to be a dentist. Hermey has lots of ideas about how to make sure the dolls have healthy teeth, which, of course, the other elves think is just silly.

Lesson #1:

As leaders, we need to be in tune with how new employees are being welcomed into the team. Hopefully, we’ve created an environment that welcomes new people bringing new experiences, new ideas, and new skills to help the organization be great. Diversity of all kinds must be embraced, not driven away. Ideas should be respectfully heard, not ridiculed.

Now think about new employees. You trusted them enough to hire them. Their resume impressed you to the point that you welcome their experience. So listen to them and welcome them. It will be their little gift to you and yours to them.


Until next week…

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