People Don’t Want to Move to Assisted Living

CHAPTERS 7 & 8: PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO MOVE TO AN ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY Assisted Living and Independent Living Sales and Marketing Teams Will Face Fierce Competition from Home Health and a Resident’s Own Home; and Lose   Last month I was in Orlando, Florida filming an industry awareness video for a not-for-profit operator with [...]


TALKING LIKE A TORTOISE, THINKING LIKE A HARE: THE SPEECH-THOUGHT DIFFERENTIAL Why independent and assisted living communities’ sales and marketing directors are losing sales despite considerable marketing spend and prospective buyer interest.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been introduced to someone only to immediately realize I don’t remember their name. While [...]

Why People Would Rather Talk to Their Dog

The Tone-Deaf Response: Why People Would Rather Talk to Their Dog   Poor listening skills are rampant in independent and assisted living as well as memory care; creating occupancy gaps that should not exist. Failure to ask the right questions, listen and properly advise is costing far more than you think.   Prefer to LISTEN [...]

Selling is Hard, Execution is harder. Part One of a Two Part Series

Selling is Hard, Execution is Harder: Seniors Housing Operators Face Increased Complexities That Few Fully Understand and It's Crippling Revenue and Cash Flow with No End in Sight   Expect to see seniors housing operators focus on the complex operational aspects of assisted and independent living communities while sales and marketing experts take on the [...]

What box are you putting prospects in?

Assumptive sales and marketing tactics fostered by the inability to listen is devastating assisted living revenue, margins and growth prospects during this unprecedented time.   This Chapter is a valuable reminder that when we meet someone who fits one of our mental rubrics- consider a recently widowed man who is no longer eating properly, is [...]

We are Marketing & Selling Senior Living WRONG

SENIOR LIVING OPERATORS ARE MARKETING AND SELLING ASSISTED AND INDEPENDENT LIVING COMMUNITIES WRONG AND IT’S SHOWING IN THEIR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE   Waiting it out rather than enforcing change; senior living operators, investors and developers continue to see declining occupancy, revenue, and net operating income. I just returned home from dropping my mom off at the […]

Rare is the individual who knows how to listen.

THE LOST ART OF LISTENING & THE DIRECT CONSEQUENCE ON YOUR INDEPENDENT AND ASSISTED LIVING SALES PERFORMANCE, REVENUE AND FUTURE VIABILITY American culture glamourizes talking. Everyone it seems is an expert; from morning and late-night talk show hosts and news anchors, to TED talk presenters, and Sirius XM Radio personalities. People are never at a [...]

The Lost Art of Listening

THE LOST ART OF LISTENING I’ll never forget my mom saying to me, “I used to walk into a room and people would stop and look at me, talk to me…now I walk in and no one sees me at all, it’s as if I’m invisible.” At the time she was in her early seventies [...]

Transparency is key to SHIFT our story!

Behind The Curtain, Tell our Story, Senior Lving

Leverage Sales and Marketing Efforts to Show Consumers What’s Behind the Curtain in Senior Living Independent and assisted living as well as memory care communities must show people what is happening behind the scenes for a long awaited and much needed senior living rebrand. Who ever thought seniors housing would be in the headlines of [...]