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5 Reasons You’re Not Increasing Your Senior Housing Occupancy

If your small- to mid-sized operation experiences negative occupancy trends or stagnant revenue cycles that never lead to growth, you …

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The Importance of Visit Planning for Senior Living Sales

Senior Living sales is a unique blend of art and science. While there are effective strategies that your sales counselors …

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3 Reasons Sales Counselors Need Their Senior Living Director of Operations   

Sales training can dramatically increase the occupancy and revenue of your mid-sized operation. But sometimes operators don’t see the results …

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4 Ways to Market Memory Care on Your Website

For many continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), providing memory care services for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients is an important selling …

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Surviving the Occupancy Outlook for Skilled Nursing Communities

Skilled nursing communities provide a much-needed service for thousands of seniors across the country. In fact, when it comes to …

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3 Questions to Ask after a Resident Move-In

When it comes to driving revenue and occupancy in senior housing, the importance of having a well-trained sales team can’t …

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Occupancy Decline: The Difference between 89% and 96% Occupancy

If you operate a senior care community, it’s likely that you’ve experienced (or will experience in the future) an occupancy …

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[Case Study] Are You Leaving $1.7 Million on the Table?

When it comes to increasing occupancy and revenue for mid-sized operations, many senior care communities don’t need… Better care options. …

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3 Actions to Take for On-Site Community Tours  

On-site community tours are an integral part of driving occupancy and revenue for your senior care community. To see just …

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Selling to Baby Boomers: 12 Statistics You Need to Know 

As a senior care provider, your community is filled with residents from the Silent Generation and maybe even some from …

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13 Ideas for Original Senior Living Marketing Content

Increasing occupancy and growing revenue requires more than excellent care options or superb grounds. You also need original content for …

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Sales Training—When a Good Team Isn’t Enough

A dedicated and loyal staff isn’t enough to boost occupancy. Revenue can plummet with a disengaged sales team. In a …

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