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5 Reasons You’re Not Increasing Your Senior Housing Occupancy

If your small- to mid-sized operation experiences negative occupancy trends or stagnant revenue cycles that never lead to growth, you may wonder what obstacles are …

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The Importance of Visit Planning for Senior Living Sales

Senior Living sales is a unique blend of art and science. While there are effective strategies that your sales counselors should use for increasing occupancy …

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3 Reasons Sales Counselors Need Their Senior Living Director of Operations   

Sales training can dramatically increase the occupancy and revenue of your mid-sized operation. But sometimes operators don’t see the results they’d like because there’s a …

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4 Ways to Market Memory Care on Your Website

For many continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), providing memory care services for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients is an important selling point. Elderly individuals and their …

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Surviving the Occupancy Outlook for Skilled Nursing Communities

Skilled nursing communities provide a much-needed service for thousands of seniors across the country. In fact, when it comes to senior care, nursing homes are …

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3 Questions to Ask after a Resident Move-In

When it comes to driving revenue and occupancy in senior housing, the importance of having a well-trained sales team can’t be underestimated. Without sales representatives …

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Occupancy Decline: The Difference between 89% and 96% Occupancy

If you operate a senior care community, it’s likely that you’ve experienced (or will experience in the future) an occupancy decline. While it’s the nature …

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[Case Study] Are You Leaving $1.7 Million on the Table?

When it comes to increasing occupancy and revenue for mid-sized operations, many senior care communities don’t need… Better care options. Better clinical staff. Better grounds …

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3 Actions to Take for On-Site Community Tours  

On-site community tours are an integral part of driving occupancy and revenue for your senior care community. To see just how important tours are for …

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Selling to Baby Boomers: 12 Statistics You Need to Know 

As a senior care provider, your community is filled with residents from the Silent Generation and maybe even some from the Greatest Generation. Yet the …

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13 Ideas for Original Senior Living Marketing Content

Increasing occupancy and growing revenue requires more than excellent care options or superb grounds. You also need original content for your marketing and outreach initiatives. …

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Sales Training—When a Good Team Isn’t Enough

A dedicated and loyal staff isn’t enough to boost occupancy. Revenue can plummet with a disengaged sales team. In a span of two months, you …

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