Selling is Hard, Execution is harder. Part One of a Two Part Series

Selling is Hard, Execution is Harder: Seniors Housing Operators Face Increased Complexities That Few Fully Understand and It's Crippling Revenue and Cash Flow with No End in Sight   Expect to see seniors housing operators focus on the complex operational aspects of assisted and independent living communities while sales and marketing experts take on the [...]

What box are you putting prospects in?

Assumptive sales and marketing tactics fostered by the inability to listen is devastating assisted living revenue, margins and growth prospects during this unprecedented time.   This Chapter is a valuable reminder that when we meet someone who fits one of our mental rubrics- consider a recently widowed man who is no longer eating properly, is [...]

Robotic salespeople are plaguing the senior living industry

The Robotic, Reactive, and Assumptive Sales Mentality That is Plaguing the Independent and Assisted Living Industry and Reaping Financial Destruction   According to the Harvard Business Review , an awakening is taking place in management circles. Business is tied together by its systems of communication which depends more on the spoken word than it does [...]

Rare is the individual who knows how to listen.

THE LOST ART OF LISTENING & THE DIRECT CONSEQUENCE ON YOUR INDEPENDENT AND ASSISTED LIVING SALES PERFORMANCE, REVENUE AND FUTURE VIABILITY American culture glamourizes talking. Everyone it seems is an expert; from morning and late-night talk show hosts and news anchors, to TED talk presenters, and Sirius XM Radio personalities. People are never at a [...]

Getting Strategic about Senior Housing Occupancy

It doesn’t matter if you’re…. The CEO of a large senior housing organization. The executive director of a small community. A first-time investor in a senior housing development. A regional director over a number of senior living properties. Each of you has a goal in common—increasing your senior housing occupancy. And reaching this goal requires […]

3 Ineffective Ways to Grow Your Community’s Net Operating Income

Ensuring your senior living community has a robust net operating income is vital for providing excellent care for your residents and keeping investors happy. However, not all ways of growing your revenue or decreasing your costs are equal. There are effective methods that improve your profitability—and there are decisions that provide short-term results at the […]

How to Leverage Your 3 Strengths as a Mid-Sized Operation

In my last blog post on this topic, we looked at the strengths you have as a mid-sized operation, special characteristics such as… A mission-driven community. Long-time staff. A personalized experience for residents. If you want to drive occupancy and revenue, it’s not enough to know your strengths. Your real advantage lies in communicating those […]

3 Strengths of Mid-Sized Operators

When you’re a small- or mid-sized operator, it’s easy to focus on the challenging senior care market around you. Your smaller communities face competition from large Senior Living providers, such as… Brookdale, which has more than 1,121 communities. Genesis HealthCare, which has more than 500 communities. Holiday Retirement, which has more than 300 communities. You […]

How Digital Marketing Empowers Mid-Sized Operators

  Digital marketing has leveled the playing field between large Senior Living providers and the small- to mid-sized operators they compete with. If you’re small- to mid-sized this is great news and means that technology-driven marketing techniques put you on par with the big boys! While digital marketing makes it easier to compete, too many […]

8 Make-or-Break Decisions in the Buying Process

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through buyers’ minds as they make the yes-or-no move-in decision, you’ve reached the right spot. There are 8 major make-or-break decisions in the buying process. Especially in the Senior Living industry, buying decisions have more to do with emotion than logic. While dollars and cents are part of the […]