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Why Do People Call Your Community? — Drilling Down

Why do people call your community? What are the most common things you are hearing? I challenge you to ask yourself …

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Employee Engagement – The Main Challenge Facing Organizations Today

Not so long ago that if you brought up the words “employee engagement” in a meeting, people would look at …

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#3. New Years Resolutions – From Senior Living Professionals

Happy New Year! As we embark on a fresh start to 2015, let’s be sure to stay ahead of the …

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While Riding My Bike, I Had an Epiphany About Our Mission

I imagine as soon as you finish reading this, there will be more work to do- calls to make, emails to answer and conversations to have. You are answering the calling to care for people in need and that is something to be incredibly proud of. If no one has told you lately, “job well done,” then allow me the honor. Keep up the amazing work. Healthcare is undergoing tremendous change and there is a lot to do in preparation for the future of care and what’s to come. When the going gets tough, remember why you do what you do and keep pressing forward.

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