What Today’s Senior Housing Market Means for Your Community

The senior housing market is anything but stable. National demographic trends, local population characteristics, and a variety of other factors can affect the occupancy and revenue of your senior care community. In addition to market forces created by your future residents, your Senior Living operation is profoundly impacted by nearby competitors. According to recent reports, […]

Focus on What You Can Control!

In a day and age where there is tremendous competition in the Senior Housing Industry, and the ability to learn about the many options being only a click away, what are you doing to support your census goals? We are all driven by goals, both professionally, as well as personally. Goals to meet and beat […]

Accountability without Micromanaging

One of the very first questions I often ask sales candidates is, “How do you like to be managed?” Yet the most common response I hear is, “I don’t like to be micromanaged.” At some point in our careers we’ve all experienced the micromanager who wants to tell us what to do or how to […]