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A Successful Leader Allows His/Her People to Lead

A few years ago when I came to Bild and Company, Traci instilled a great value into me that is really a lesson I think all leaders should hear. She said the goal of running a successful company comes down to one key phrase “Work Smarter, Not Harder. Work Less, Make More.” This really hit home for me in a couple of ways. But before I talk about those key points, I would like to preface the fact that prior to coming to Bild, I lead several very successful organizations without this mentality. As a result, this caused was a lot of 80-hour workweeks and very little work life balance (I am sure a lot of you reading this completely get it!)

So the question is how does this allow for a leader to let his people lead?

1. Hire people with an uncanny ability to win – As a leader it is imperative that your team is a direct reflection of you and understands the vision of the organization. This is an extension of the leader. At Bild and Company, our leadership team has clear focus on what is important. Very simple; we get our clients results! It is that simple. The team also realizes that the results of our clients are a direct result on the long-term future of the business and their team members’ futures.

2. Natural leaders will naturally lead – How many of you ever had members of leadership roll out an initiative that you know won’t work and will fail? This is much more common than the great strategic idea that takes a company to the next level. The next part of the question is did you speak up and address your concerns? If not, you should. More than likely you are in the trenches because your leadership is actually supposed to be in the strategy and they may not know the intricacy of your role. This allows great insight from you. Speak up, great leaders do!!

3. Trust your team – It is a very common fact that employees of a company typically produce and perform 80% more then their managers. I believe this is due to the fact that many managers are not true leaders. In corporate, we are all aware of the bureaucracy that takes place every day and that everyone is trying to climb the ranks. However, a great leader will automatically climb the ranks by trusting their team members. A mutual trust empowers people to perform at a much higher level ultimately allowing for employees to perform much greater than the 80% number I referred to. As a leader I trust my team so much that they all can easily outperform anything I do. It allows us to create great synergy, utilize each other’s skills to excel and grow at a much faster pace.

4. Understand people are different – This was by far the hardest concept for me to understand. As with many leaders, we can’t understand why everyone does not do things the same way as us or why people do other things than work (please note I was a workaholic). Why do people walk into the office at 9 a.m. and leave exactly at 5 p.m.? This is the big key, people are all motivated differently. Once you understand the real motivation behind your team and balance what is important to them with what is important to the company the natural leaders will shine. Allow your leaders to lead in the manner most comfortable for them and not necessarily what you feel is best. This will allow for a much stronger leadership culture within your organization, allow your people to lead and you to lead them!!

I am sure everyone reading this has many other points that could help with the topic and based on our firms’ commitment to constant learning, We would love to hear your feedback! Email us at tbild@bildandco.com

Written by Seth Garber

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