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Social Proof Marketing for Senior Living



In the realm of digital marketing, social proof can help expand your online reach and influence purchase decisions.

As sales are the lifeblood of occupancy and revenue, you need every marketing tool at your disposal.

If you’re too timid to gather testimonials from residents and their families, I’d suggest changing your mind.

Prospects are more likely to convert when they hear what others have experienced, and you can effortlessly share that information in the form of social proof.

Social proof and testimonials can come from multiple sources.

This is not merely a blurb featured on your website or Facebook page.

Though written testimonials fit well in website content, blogs, and newsletters, there are other sources you may not have tapped into yet.

Step into the next generation of social proof and drive move-ins with the following strategies:

Leverage video to showcase the fun times at your property.

Whether it’s residents turning laps in the pool, a couple of ladies making rounds on a track, or two guys talking about the good ol’ days, video enables you to showcase the quality of life at your property.

The idea behind this is to highlight a day in the life.

Decision-makers will leave no stone unturned in researching your property, so show them how much your residents enjoy their days.

Show off your culinary offerings.

An Instagram feed is a beautiful thing in marketing, and you can use this photo-sharing social media platform to show off your meals.

Even though there may be dietary restrictions for many seniors, this doesn’t mean that properties feed their residents bland foods.

Decision-makers sign on the dotted line based on one big criterion—the quality of resident life.

The transition from complete independence to assisted living is difficult, and a simple pleasure such as food alleviates the toughness factor.

Write case studies of resident activities.

Moving one step past testimonials means creating more robust content.

Case studies provide a venue for more in-depth content that also provides much-needed social proof.

I recommend documenting the resident experience via case studies.

Profile accounts of various activities to give prospects ideas of how they can spend their days at your property.

Perhaps a resident has taken up origami or someone has made a commitment to lose weight in his or her old age.

These inspiring stories compel decision-makers to act quickly and create long-term residents.

Interview residents and their families.

An interview with a resident or family member serves as a longer, more compelling testimonial.

Think of this interview as a resident/family spotlight that you can use on your website and in newsletters.

This initiative proves that you care about your residents—that you value their thoughts, opinions, personalities, and personal histories.

Plus, it’s a simple undertaking that will drain no more than an hour from your day.

The result is quality social proof that provides an essential element in your overall marketing plan.

To get started on social proof and many other profitable marketing strategies, send me an email at tbild@bildandco.com or text 813-390-3349 with your name and number, and I’ll help you start the process.

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