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Senior Living Marketing: Understanding the Adult Daughter

Senior living marketing can be your first step toward increasing occupancy and revenue for your senior living community, and here’s why…

The right kind of marketing builds awareness that generates leads who eventually become move-ins for your community.

However, if you want your campaigns to be successful, you’ll need to understand who should hear your message and what you should say to them.

Some of your most successful senior living marketing efforts will target the adult daughter who’s seeking care for her aging parent.

In this article, we’ll explain why the adult daughter is such a critical segment of your audience, some of the struggles she may experience, and how you can tailor your marketing message to reach this audience member.

The Adult Daughter: Senior Living Marketing 101

It’s a common fact in the senior care industry…

A significant chunk of your inquiries will come from an adult daughter seeking a senior living community for her parent.

According to a 2015 report by AgingCare.com, when it comes to caring for an aging loved one, 91% of adult child caregivers are daughters.

While not all prospects will be caregivers, this statistic highlights how heavily involved adult daughters can be when it comes to shouldering responsibility for their parents.

The key to finding leads for your community begins with knowing whom to direct your marketing message toward, and—without a doubt—the adult daughter represents one of the most promising audience members to target.

The Adult Daughter: Understanding Her Struggles

To know what your senior living marketing message should communicate, you’ll want to understand what the adult daughter thinks, how she feels, and what she struggles with.

Several studies have highlighted the unique challenges of family members with aging parents, and these statistics can be a great starting place for understanding women who have an elderly mom or dad.

In 2016, A Place for Mom released a study that compared the quality of life for seniors and their family members before and after a move-in.

The study found that…

Actively-searching families are 1.6 times more likely to feel high or very high levels of stress about the senior when compared to moved-in families.

In addition, you’ll need to consider that some adult daughters may be caregivers for their parents as well. And according to AgingCare.com, for adult child caregivers….

  • 22% feel guilty multiple times a day.
  • 27% feel guilty several times a week.

On top of that, the study also found that 34% of adult children believe they are the only ones qualified to properly care for their parents.

From stress to feelings of guilt and responsibility, one of your most important audience members may struggle with negative emotions—something that’s important to understand as you seek to generate leads.

The Adult Daughter: Crafting Your Marketing Message

With this information in hand, you can now craft your senior living marketing message in a way that’s more likely to resonate with potential leads. Here are several tips for reaching the adult daughter:

  1. Relieve the stress. As the statistic from A Place for Mom demonstrates, stress may be a significant factor for your target audience. For instance, as you write marketing emails, include any information that would simplify a stressful decision-making process. (For instance, you could write an email covering some common FAQs.)
  2. Address the guilt. Don’t ignore the guilt adult daughters may have about moving their parents to your community—address it. Whether you’re providing a free resource or crafting pay-per-click ads, you’ll want to acknowledge your leads’ emotions and offer reassurance.
  3. Stop the paralyzation. While adult daughters may think only they can care for their parents, you can take steps to overcome this objection. Be sure to provide articles, free resources, and other materials on your website that highlight how your community can be an extension of their own care for their parents.

Targeting the adult daughter through senior living marketing is an effective way to generate leads. However, you may not know where to start.

That’s where Bild & Company comes in.

At Bild & Company, we provide marketing services that tap into the thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires of your audience members to acquire leads for your small- or mid-sized operation.

Learn more about how we can create a successful marketing campaign that generates qualified leads for your senior living community.

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