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How Our Senior Living Consultants Empower Your Operation to Close Sales Gaps

From hiring the right executive director to helping sales counselors retain their training, over the past weeks, the Bild & Co blog has focused on talent issues in the senior housing industry.

Analyzing your areas of growth is important.

Taking internal action is critical.

But—as a team of senior living consultants and coaches—we understand this is only half of your solution.

Many things, challenges such as onboarding, training, and retention are too big to take a DIY approach.

As a senior living leader, you know that operations alone are a full-time job. Maximizing resources, removing inefficiencies, and increasing resident value can consume 40+ hours each week.

At the end of the day…

There’s precious little time to address talent and training issues—and these tasks can easily slide to the back burner.

The good news?

Bild & Co is a group of senior living consultants and coaches who empower operations to close talent and training gaps.

We understand the unique nuances of the senior housing industry—and we’re here to help you implement strategies for your organization.

If you’re ready for practical solutions for your practical challenges, keep on reading.

In this article, we’re highlighting the different services we offer…and how they provide the support you need.

Targeted Online Academies


Onboarding new sales counselors.
Reinforcing previous training.
Helping your team understand the Bild Sales System.
Empowering your EDs to drive growth.

There are a number of situations where your communities need a crash course in sales training.

If your team requires swift education in Bild & Co’s best practices, rely on our Bild Academies.

Each Bild Academy is a 6-week, online course lead by one of our senior housing consultants. Over the course of the Academy, your team will learn how to…

  • Capture inquiries and increase inquiry-to-tour ratios.
  • Plan tours and help prospects transition to the next step.
  • Follow up with leads and, ultimately, increase occupancy.

We keep our Academies under 20 students, which creates a small, classroom-like setting where your team members will be free to engage with their instructor. In addition to weekly homework, your team will also get access to Bild & Co’s proprietary Community Connection Sheets.

You’ll find that Bild & Co Academies are available for…

  • Sales counselors and sales directors.
  • Executive directors.
  • Even regional directors.

Revenue Growth Coaching from Senior Living Consultants

tree representing growth

If you’re looking for a long-term solution with guaranteed occupancy results for your team, Revenue Growth Coaching is an ideal service.

Our Revenue Growth Coaching spans 6 months or more, providing focused coaching for individual communities from one of our Census and Sales Strategists. During this time, your team will learn how to…

  • Properly manage inquiries.
  • Tailor tours for the unique needs of prospects.
  • Conduct follow-up and close leads.
  • Cultivate unpaid referrals.

The best part is, we strive for a 5% occupancy increase—with many clients seeing occupancy jump 8 to 10% in growth.

When it comes to Revenue Growth Coaching (and other coaching services), we’re very grateful for the expertise of Dana.

senior living consultant Dana Asche

Dana is a senior living consultant with experience in both senior housing and internal medicine. Thanks to her coaching oversight, Bild & Co’s coaches impact the occupancy and revenue of senior housing operations.

Recruiting Services for Your Senior Housing Talent

workplace talent shaking hands

Between turnover and talent shortages, finding (and keeping) qualified team members is a huge challenge for senior living organizations.

When it comes to putting the right people in the right positions, Bild & Co is here to help.

Thanks to our recruiting capabilities, we can…

  • Create a pool of applicants who have the credentials you need.
  • Interview potential team members for qualities such as leadership and culture fit.
  • Make hiring recommendations for your team.

This service is ideal for organizations undergoing transition…as well as operations who’ve recently opened a new assisted living community, independent living community, or another senior housing property.

Wondering who leads our recruiting services?

Meet Jocelyn.

senior living consultant Jocelyn Schrader

From conducting on-site sales scans to analyzing data, Jocelyn plays a number of critical roles for our organization—including leading our talent efforts.

In addition to completing hundreds of DISC assessments, Jocelyn has experience interviewing potential candidates for the right organizational fit.

Mystery Shopping for Your Communities

old-fashioned telephone

Perhaps you wish you could become a fly on the wall in your properties—analyzing what your future residents experience firsthand.

With Bild and Co’s mystery shopping, you’ll get an inside look at your communities.

We offer both on-site and phone mystery shops for our clients—including follow-up monitoring. You can analyze your inquiry experience, on-site tours, and continuing communication.

Our mystery shopping services are ideal if you want to…

  • Probe for hidden challenges and issues.
  • Inspect the behavior you expect from your communities.
  • See if your investment in training and talent resources is paying off.

To help you do just that, Dawn heads up our mystery shopping services.

Senior living consultant Dawn Nesvig

Thanks to her skill, we’re able to provide insightful mystery shopping reports for our clients.

If you haven’t read The Unspoken Truth behind Why Your Senior Living Portfolio Suffers from Low Occupancy, do so now.

In this article, you’ll get a glimpse into our mystery shopping efforts and the data they revealed…the results might surprise you.

Experience Our Capabilities for Yourself

From Revenue Growth Coaching to mystery shopping, the services we’ve listed above are only a sample of what we offer.

The requirements of senior housing organizations are varied, and we’re senior living consultants who strive to meet the needs of our industry. For instance, we have the ability to offer an on-site analysis of your sales process, training for your regionals, and more.

A great starting place when it comes to letting Bild & Co help you close sales gaps?

Mystery shopping.

Whether you need a quick snapshot of a community’s health or a way to gauge onboarding retention, our mystery shopping services can help you take the first step toward change.

Today, we’re offering a complimentary mystery shopping session for the inquiry process at a community of your choice.

If you have a property that struggles with low occupancy rates or high turnover, we’d suggest taking advantage of this session to better understand your current challenges.

Gain clarity when you…

Request a Complimentary Mystery Shop Session

Let Bild & Co analyze the inquiry process for your chosen community and provide a detailed report on our findings.

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