Ready to motivate, educate, and inspire your teams to accelerate move-ins, occupancy, and revenue?

Our seniors housing seminars empower salespeople, executive directors, department heads, and corporate leadership to increase occupancy by working smart, not hard, and unifying as a team to deliver a raving-fan customer experience.

Bring the power of the famous Bild Sales System directly to your organization. In this seminar, you will gain direct access to the training that first introduced seniors housing to the concept of selling.

One-Day Seminar: Internal Sales Focus, Customized for Your Event Theme

  • The Inquiry System: Learn to capture 90%+ of all incoming inquiries and convert 75% of prospects into on-site visits within 48 hours for an immediate spike in foot traffic.
  • The Visit Experience System: Transform standard tours into personalized experiences, leverage staff and residents to wow prospects, and move leads to the next step in the sales cycle at lightning speed.
  • The Follow-Up and Closing Systems: Leverage purposeful follow-up with clearly defined next steps that shorten the sales cycle by 50% while creating a raving-fan customer experience unlike any other community in your market service area.
  • An Interactive Setting: All seminars are immersive with role-playing, small group discussions, and, typically, a little dancing in between!

Two-Day Seminar: Internal and External Sales Focus, Customized for Your Event Theme

  • The Bild Internal Sales System: This seminar includes all internal sales systems as listed in the one-day seminar description.
  • The Referral Outreach System: Learn how to create a referral Circle of Influence that sends quality referrals on a consistent basis, eliminating dependency on paid referral agencies and big marketing spends.
  • An Extended Learning Time Frame: The two-day seminar allows attendees to absorb information at a slower pace and test the material in a safe environment prior to real-life execution.

Keynote Address

Traci Bild is available to deliver an informative and inspiring keynote address that will create a shift in mindset that ultimately transforms the way your leadership team thinks about the future of seniors housing and their role in it. Availability is limited.

“Seeing good results on deposit taking and move-ins as a result of the training. Those using the system as trained and intended see incredible results. It’s amazing. The results just speak for themselves! Now have to get 100 properties at the same level.”

Gary Fernandez

Former VPSM of Capital Senior Living

“It is rare you come across [standout] talent in the world of training and education. I have the pleasure of working with Jennifer and Bild & Co for a few years, providing sales training and education to our sales teams. I have seen firsthand how Jennifer’s knowledge, passion, and dedication to the field of healthcare sales single-handedly has transformed the process of taking a family through the difficult decision to place a loved one in a long-term-care setting. Jennifer has deep professional expertise, and it shows. Her trainings are engaging and intuitive. I am so appreciative of the partnership that we have, and I will continue to use Jennifer and the Bild sales training for our sales teams for years to come.”

Amy Beth DePreker

VPSM of Artis Senior Living

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