Get the Answers You Seek with Simple Digital Surveys.

Wonder What Employees, Residents, Adult Children, & Referral Sources Think about You? Let Us Ask on Your Behalf!

Discover the gaps in your business. Bild & Company’s digital surveys help you answer questions such as…

  • What type of sales experience do prospective residents and their families have?
  • How does your community compare to others being considered?
  • What type of experience are current residents having at your community? And how do their adult children feel?
  • How loyal are your employees and what, if anything, needs to happen to increase retention and job satisfaction?
  • What do those valuable referral sources really think about you?

Gain the information you need to drive business performance in both sales and operations. Together, we’ll craft customized, electronic surveys to send to employees, residents, their family members, prospects, or lost leads. If you have questions, we will get the answers.

Digital Surveys That Provide Revenue-Increasing Insights in Real Time.

“You Can’t Do Better Until You Know Better.”

With Bild & Company’s electronic surveys, you’ll obtain data that helps you improve individual department performance and, ultimately, revenue.

Consider the impact of a post-move-in survey to a new resident transitioning into a new life. Was their experience good or great? It’s proven that satisfied residents will not go out of their way to tell their friends about you, yet very satisfied residents will go out of their way to tell five people about you! It pays to investigate and ensure your residents are raving fans. This is just one way we can help you positively impact revenue.

Ever wonder why families choose competitors over you? Consider post-tour and lost-lead surveys and find out firsthand where the sale went wrong. Find out what the tour experience was like, were residents and staff engaged, did someone follow up in a timely manner, or did the prospect feel an emotional connection.

Here’s a sample of what we can survey for you…

  • Post-move-in survey

  • Post-tour survey

  • Lost-lead survey

  • Resident-satisfaction survey

  • Employee-satisfaction survey

  • Referral-source survey

Increase Your Data to Increase Occupancy

Get the crucial input and insight you need in real time with digital surveys. Contact Bild & Company to craft a survey fitting your community’s needs. Call 1-800-640-0688 today.