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Our Top 7 Senior Housing Articles for 2017

As December comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on your senior housing leadership.

But even if you’re celebrating significant growth for your organization, you can’t stop at identifying past successes.

In 2018, you’ll want to build on any milestones and press forward to reach new goals…and that starts with pinpointing where your operation needs growth.

If you’re looking to evaluate your organization and set new goals, we’re giving you our top 7 resources from 2017.

At Bild & Company, we’re committed to providing you with regular articles that…

  • Clearly explain how to grow top-line revenue.
  • Identify potential pitfalls and challenges for your operation.
  • Open your mind to new ways of thinking about your goals.

These top 7 articles will shine a spotlight on how to improve top-line revenue for your senior housing operation, giving the spark you need to establish new objectives for 2018.

Let’s dive in…

#1. The Unspoken Truth behind Why Your Senior Living Portfolio Suffers from Low Occupancy

This blog post pulls no punches.

In this article, we break down our original research on 200 senior housing properties.

After sharing the results of our mystery shopping analysis, we do the math for you…revealing how neglecting a few simple strategies can create a steep revenue loss.

If you have properties struggling with low occupancy, you don’t want to miss this post. You can read it here.

#2. Get Off the Revenue Roller Coaster—How One Operation Achieved 97% Senior Living Occupancy

If your top-line revenue is always fluctuating, this article is for you.

In this post, we share how you can stop inconsistent returns for your senior housing properties.

You’ll even have the chance to hear Traci Bild interview a senior living organization…and discover how they got off the revenue roller coaster to achieve 97% occupancy.

You can read the article and listen to the interview here.

#3. Beautiful Building, Empty Beds: Avoid Your Senior Living Development’s Worst Nightmare

Developing a senior housing property can give your organization significant financial returns. But those profits depend on filling your apartments.

The last thing you want is a practically vacant building on your grand opening day.  

In this article, we share three strategies to avoid this investor’s nightmare, giving you the blueprint you need to fill up your property and jumpstart your returns. Go over here to read this article.

#4. What’s a Senior Living CEO to Do? Surviving the Pressure to Increase Net Operating Income with Less Resources

If you’re a senior living CEO, more than likely, you’re under pressure to increase your net operating income…and that can be a challenge when you have less resources than in previous years.

In this article, we offer hope for senior living leaders.

From informing your overarching strategy to giving you tips for interacting with stakeholders, this article will help you chart a solution.

If you’re a senior living CEO, check out our article here.

#5. Stop Settling for Revenue Loss during Senior Housing Acquisitions

Whether you’re acquiring one or several senior housing properties, you face no small challenge during the transition.

But that doesn’t mean your acquisition has to suffer from revenue loss.  

In this article, we challenge low expectations for senior housing acquisitions, explaining why you can experience a 90-day win.

Discover what’s possible for your new properties when you check out this article.

#6. 5 Reasons You’re Not Increasing Your Senior Housing Occupancy

Many times, you can trace a senior housing occupancy challenge to decisions made by an operation’s leaders.

However, make no mistake. The individual properties can follow practices that stunt growth, stagnate move-ins, and increase financial loss.

If one of your properties is financially hemorrhaging, be sure to share this article with your on-site team as we’re sharing five reasons your community might be struggling. Read our insights here.

#7. 5 Valuable Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Start Now

While increasing top-line revenue is the responsibility of your sales teams, it’s also the responsibility of your marketing department. Having a robust digital presence is critical for claiming your share of the local senior housing markets.

In this article, we shine the spotlight on 5 digital strategies your senior living properties can implement to leverage the power of digital advertising.

Learn more about senior living marketing here.

At Bild & Company, we publish articles for senior living CEOs, investors, and more.

However, no matter whom we’re writing for, we never lose sight of our number-one passion and focus—empowering senior living leaders to drive occupancy and revenue.

The insights we share in our articles are just a taste of the expertise we provide for the unique situations of senior living organizations across the country.

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