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Are you concerned sales and marketing directors in your independent, assisted living and memory care communities are going to take their eye off sales activity resulting in a decline in move-ins?

The Bild & Co team is currently offering access to the Bild Revenue Protection Program. The primary goal of this program is to assist operators, developers and owners in their efforts to stabilize occupancy, revenue, cash flow and net operating income during this time of uncertainty. Most importantly, keep sales and marketing teams focused on income producing activity that leads to a solid pipeline of leads that result in respites and move ins both during and after COVID-19.


With this program the Bild & Co team will provide the following :

  • Review and re-prioritize your sales and marketing budgets drilling into what is producing actual move-ins while recommending adjustments and cuts where needed; this is critical as it relates to digital marketing due to the large spend with limited returns we see across the country
  • Database analysis to map out your current pipeline and get a handle on how best to work leads in priority of importance as well as outline the specific sales method to get these leads moving forward
  • Turnkey, Follow Up Toolkit designed to advanced prospective buyers in the current database to the next step in the sales process whether virtually or in person
  • Once weekly webinar specifically focused on sales tactics that will result in building a solid pipeline for an influx of move ins both currently and post COVID-19; all training runs through the Bild & Co virtual Learning Management System to ensure completion by on-site team
  • Individual accountability coach that works with each on-site sales and marketing person to ensure they are fully participating in all initiatives provided while creating motivation and competition among participating communities
  • Review of reporting accuracy and accountability to full CRM use for proper data and forecasting; the Bild & Co team will complete a revenue growth calculator on each participating community to understand the exact lead volume needed to sustain revenue goals and move-ins
  • Objective third-party insight into individuals who are failing to perform and or meet expectations and how best to pivot to ensure traction is maintained while solutions are put in place
  • Once monthly webinar for executive directors to empower them to take responsibility in leading the sales team to results
  • Turnkey virtual and on-site event planning ideas to keep a strong pipeline ahead of the competition
  • Specific referral outreach campaigns, scripting and messaging to demonstrate and communicate the value your community is providing within your market service area to communities, referral partners and seniors in need


Book a call with Traci Bild & Jennifer Saxman to discuss this program or to dive deeper into your specific needs.

Our goal is to provide resources during a time where corporate staff members are stretched incredibly thin and have no time to focus on sales and marketing. Sessions begin within five days of enrolling member communities. Five or more communities will receive 15% off the per location investment.  

This program can easily be self-funded within 90 days by reducing third party paid referral fees and turning focus to organic, local referrals and eliminating hefty discounts that consume your profit margin. We will also find savings in wasteful marketing spend that is failing to produce a solid ROI.