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Continuous Sales Knowledge in the Seniors Housing Space

Selling Seniors Housing is an e-learning platform to help you consistently train your salespeople, executive directors, and department heads while onboarding new hires with the click of a few buttons. In today’s competitive environment, it is critical that all your key players understand how to sell.

Out with long classroom training.

In with compelling 5- to 7-minute accelerated learning sessions anchored in research on selling to seniors and their adult children.

A communication-based course, your team will quickly sharpen tactical selling skills, leading to improved sales performance that is consistent over time.

Coaching vs. Training: There’s a Shift Occurring
The biggest trend in learning today is the shift from training to coaching, from formal education to informal learning. Senior living organizations are eager to create a culture of learning, but don’t have the resources to staff critical coaching positions. With our learning library, the Bild team can handle this important task for you.

Accelerated Learning Makes Targeted Coaching Possible
Regionals and corporate staff too busy to onboard new hires or coach underperforming salespeople? What about your top performers who are hungry to continue their learning journey? Invest in the very people responsible for generating your revenue. This program is turnkey and easy to implement.

We Provide All the Tools You Need
…to produce consistent sales results and net up month over month until your community is at capacity. No more discounting. No more incentives that ultimately fracture your bottom line.

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