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Newer Isn’t a Synonym for Better

Red Sox Pic[2]

I don’t have a bucket list, but I do have a “To Do” list comprised of obscure places to go, people to see and general things to ACHIEVE! Several years ago my husband helped me check off #14 when he surprised me with tickets to Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox. Now I am in no way a Red Sox fan, (yes, I cheer for my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates who had their first winning season in 20+ years!) but I’ve always wanted to EXPERIENCE Fenway Park. WHY? It’s legendary!

If you don’t know anything about Fenway Park, know this, it is the oldest ballpark still in use. Fenway Park opened their doors in April of 1912 and as a visitor to Fenway’s Grandstand section the old wooden seats, obstructed views and overall small stature are just a few reminders of its age. Despite the lack of plush services and amenities you would expect to find at a Major League ballpark Fenway Park has sold out every game since 2003 and have achieve the most straight sellouts in the league.

But, I didn’t want to go there just to see Fenway Park I wanted an EXPERIENCE. Did I care that the Red Sox lost to the New York Yankees 14-5? NO! Or how about the combination of lack of airflow and the hot summer night (it happened to be the hottest weekend Boston had seen in years!) had me sticking to my wooden seat? NO! I came for the Green Monster, Yawkey Way and the Red Sox nation, all things unavailable at the brand new, state of the art ballpark minutes from my house.

Is your community the oldest on the block? Do new communities popping up pose a challenge? They might have newer amenities, enhanced features or larger rooms, but are they better? Think about WHY your prospects are coming on-site to see what you have to offer. What is their greatest concern, what is most important to them, and how can YOU deliver on their NEEDS? Once you’ve identified their needs, it’s all about creating the experience.

I challenge each of you to think about THREE aspects that make your community a standout! How are you showcasing your community? Use the Visit Planning CCS for EACH on-site visit to be sure you are creating an on-site experience rather than another tour.


Written by Jennifer Saxman, Director of Integrated Services at Bild & Company. 

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