Mystery Shop Your Senior Living Community.
Where Performance Is Measured, It Can Be Improved.

Do you emphasize booking on-site visits so families experience your community firsthand?

How does the sales experience at your communities compare to those of your competitors?

Leverage the expertise of the Bild Mystery Shop team to get the information you need to net up and grow occupancy while dramatically improving the customer experience.

Bild & Company has two decades of deep expertise in filling senior living communities to capacity. Our experience has taught us that it’s critical to measure both sales-ability and like-ability. As the CEO or COO of a senior living community, it’s imperative you know exactly where your sales team is struggling, where customer service is lacking, and how you can improve.

We measure like-ability and sales-ability.

Tap into the insights of our training department. A Bild & Company mystery shop provides our training coaches the data they need to help you improve the performance of your team. We don’t just tell you where performance needs to be improved, but we explain how to improve it for an enhanced customer experience.

Mystery shopping also protects your investment in sales training. It acts as a warranty for your bottom line, ensuring that training is executed in the field. With our professionally trained shoppers, you’ll do more than find that disengaged staff member. You’ll track the impact of training on your sales team, specifically where to target training opportunities for an immediate improvement in performance.

Bring In Professional Senior Living Mystery Shoppers

Our team consists of highly trained professional mystery shoppers who specialize in the senior living industry. They’re skilled in finding data on how well your staff responds to potential customers—their questions, their needs, and their concerns.

Have one of our hand-selected shoppers bring this expertise to your senior care community. Step into the shoes of your customer and gain detailed information to improve both the customer experience and your bottom line.

Mystery Shopping Services

  • Email Mystery Shops
  • Telephone Mystery Shops
  • In-Person Traditional Mystery Shops
  • Competitive Mystery Shops of Other Communities
  • Follow-Up Monitoring Mystery Shops
  • Digital Surveys

Mystery Shopping Results

Want to know how sales training is paying off? Monitor your return on investment with mystery shopping and see firsthand how well your team is following your systems and procedures.
Weed out disengaged team members who provide lackluster customer service! Mystery shopping lets you find the staff members who are dampening the experience of your senior living community. Trained to accurately imitate your ideal customers, such as the adult daughter, our shoppers vet your staff and give insightful information.
Analyze the market with competitive mystery shops. Let mystery shopping give you the inside scoop on your competitors’ pricing, customer service, levels of care, occupancy, and more. You’ll gain a detailed report that reveals how you can grow within your niche.

Sample Report

The Bild team is incredibly responsive and has a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. The team is young, innovative, high energy, and incredibly sensitive to integrating with long-standing teams. I could not be happier!
Carlene Motto, SVP of Sales at Belmont Village
I’ve been a mystery shopper for nearly a dozen companies. As an independent contractor, I rarely get to know the people I’m working for. It feels cold. It’s impersonal. But working for Bild has been one of the rare experiences where I get to build a relationship with my scheduler. I’m trained over the phone. I know who I can call or email if I have a question — which I rarely do because the shops are straightforward and easy to understand. It’s the kind of company that sends out holiday and birthday well-wishes. It feels like what I do is meaningful.

Our Process

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