Are you feeling Overwhelmed?  Unorganized?  Anxious?  Unproductive? 

You are not alone!  While you can’t control what is happening around you or how long you will be trapped in your home, you can control what happens within the confines of your day.

Learn to work smart, not hard and find some semblance of calm and accomplishment along with newfound freedom from being disorganized and unprepared to work in an at-home environment.


Traci Bild, CEO of Bild & Co, speaker, author and entrepreneur; who has run her international company from the comfort of home for two decades will teach you how to slay time management.

Here’s what you’ll learn to do in this course:

  • Proactively pre-plan the week ahead- set yourself up to work smart, not hard; while working less yet producing more than ever before
  • Synch up, chunk your time, color code and prep ahead to slay the day
  • Wrap in real life- yes that means meal planning, exercise, meditation and time for fun
  • Learn to love the delete button and plan for the unexpected

Tame the to do list once and for all!

  • Prioritize for peak performance so you can get in and get it done
  • Create a Capture Tool to tame the chaos and curate calm in your day
  • Eliminate Email thievery and take your time back


Bueller, Bueller? Are you finding yourself trying to manage your team in a remote environment, worried about how they are spending their time?  Binge watching on Netflix?  Reorganizing that linen closet?  Playing Russian roulette for a coveted grocery delivery timeslot?

The freedoms of working remotely are endless, but that doesn’t mean it’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Wrigley is for sure closed, and no one is doing a parade in downtown Chicago!

Join Jennifer Saxman, Bild & Co’s Chief Operating Officer, in our second module where we will tackle the topics of Productivity + Validation in a remote workforce:

  • Assess your current talent so you better understand their strengths, areas of opportunities and motivators
  • Proven best practice communication tools to create an ideal remote workforce environment
  • Managing results, not activity, so your employees feel autonomy and can thrive