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Jocelyn Schrader

Director of Client Strategy and Operations


Joining Bild & Co in 2014, Jocelyn Schrader is the Director of Client Strategy and Operations. Working with clients in the US, UK and Canada, Jocelyn has completed over 40 in-depth company assessments in 42 states as well as in the UK and Canada.

Most often you will find Jocelyn working at the site level to understand what is really happening and how that is impacting Company performance. Increasing productivity, CRM management, holding on-site teams accountable and sourcing proper talent for both Executive and Sales Directors is a big part of her day to day. She also analyzes and interprets data and ultimately provides an objective evaluation of both sales and operations that proves invaluable to operator and investor partners.

Personal experience has shaped Jocelyn’s passion for senior living and she strongly feels that seniors and their families are underserved in their struggle to navigate seniors housing options. Jocelyn is working diligently to change that. Having served as a Marketing and Sales Director, Regional Sales and Operations Director, and holding NHA licenses in Iowa and Indiana, Jocelyn is ideal for this role. A lifetime of experience leveraged to fuel her passion to help seniors through the operators served here at Bild & Co.

Jocelyn thrives in experiencing new markets and uncovering challenges that Bild & Co can solve for long-term client success. Having lived in the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast, Jocelyn is able to easily adapt to cultural and geographical needs. She prides herself in building a quick rapport onsite and adding value to Bild & Co’s vast array of services.

Jocelyn can be reached at 1-800-640-0688 or via email at jocelyn@tracibild.com. Jocelyn resides in Savannah, GA with her husband, Jake, and their three rescue dogs.