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How to Leverage Your 3 Strengths as a Mid-Sized Operation

In my last blog post on this topic, we looked at the strengths you have as a mid-sized operation, special characteristics such as…

  • A mission-driven community.
  • Long-time staff.
  • A personalized experience for residents.

If you want to drive occupancy and revenue, it’s not enough to know your strengths. Your real advantage lies in communicating those strengths to prospects so they understand your message and become residents.

In this article, I’m going to take each of your differentiation points we covered in the last article and show you how to leverage them to create a sales-centered culture at your community.

1. Use storytelling to communicate your mid-sized operation’s mission.

Now that you recognize the centrality of your community’s mission, it’s time to encapsulate your purpose in an easily consumed story. Your future residents and their children are less interested in reading a stale mission statement than they are about hearing how and why you started your community.

Here are three tips for using storytelling in your efforts to increase net operating income:

Have your sales representatives tell the story of your community during on-site community tours. This helps a skeptical prospect to see your community isn’t only concerned with filling beds, but serving residents—like them.

Include your story on your home page. The children of your future residents will probably view this page first, and you want to ensure your story is front and center. Don’t force your prospects to hunt for your company story on an obscure about page.

Use your story during email campaigns. Including your mission as a narrative during an email campaign draws in readers to engage with your community.

As you communicate your story, you’ll build rapport with prospects, and this trust is central to converting prospects into residents.

2. Inform prospects of your long-time staff so they know your stability.

In our last blog post, we discussed how mid-sized operations often have staff that have been at communities for years. Communicating this to your future residents is important if you want to do everything you can to avoid revenue gaps.

During on-site community tours, have your sales staff introduce residents and their family members to your long-time team members. Let them meet Betty who has been one of your top nurses for the past 15 years. Have your sales advisor explain how he’s enjoyed helping older individuals find long-term care for over 8 years.

To reach those who haven’t visited your community, be sure to use digital marketing. On your website, create a team page with bios to create an emotional connection with readers. You can even feature your team members in your newsletters and emails.

3. Communicate the personalized services of your mid-sized operation.

If your community has a high ratio of nurses to residents or if you have the opportunity to interact with residents and their families, tell your prospects about it.

When your sales team answers inquiries, have them pay special attention to any concerns future residents or their families may have. They can address these concerns by stressing your community’s personalized touch. For instance…

Tell the adult daughter who’s worried about quality care of your nurse-to-resident ratio.
If the sales process is stalled by an unhappy family member, have your sales team member alert you so you can meet the person individually.

Speak personally with your community staff so they’re energized to make the resident experience the best one possible—which will bolster your efforts to increase revenue.

When it comes to leveraging the strengths of your mid-sized operation for revenue growth, you can boil everything down to one simple technique: building a sales-centered community culture that meets the needs of future residents.

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