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How to Holistically Improve Your Senior Care Community


Senior care is perpetually moving forward.

Mid-sized operators who don’t adapt to swiftly changing needs may fall prey to the corporate giants that leverage advanced technology.

When it comes to holistically improving your senior care community, technology may be your saving grace.

It’s not so much a matter of competing and keeping in pace with the latest gadgetry—it’s that adapting to technological shifts indicates a higher quality of services.

Just because you provide a service for older generations doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t have a place at your property.

It’s actually an opposite scenario.

Residents’ families will see the technological upgrades as much-needed benefits.

In many cases, your technology and how you use it will be the deciding factor in making the move-in decision.

Driving move-ins and retaining residents for full occupancy hinges on how you frame the use of technology.

You won’t have to present your senior care business as cutting edge or techno-centric.

However, when you position your use of new-fangled gadgetry in terms of benefits (not features), you will compel residents and their powers of attorney to sign leases.

When it comes time to implement sales and marketing that emphasize technological benefits, use the following strategies to make an impact with decision-makers.

Leverage the way you manage medication.

 A two-second Google search will reveal a slew of medication management systems.

Paper-based organization is prone to error, and the last thing you want is to give a resident the wrong pills.

Medication management systems ensure that residents receive the right medication.

Avoiding potentially deadly mistakes is an obvious benefit, but showing families that you take every precaution will give them peace of mind.

Describe how you make team communication fluid.

Teamwork, Basecamp, and Asana are a handful of communication platforms that help eliminate crossed wires.

This will ensure your team remains highly productive and efficient throughout the day.

At the end of the day, productivity is a means to an end.

With streamlined milestones, you ensure that residents receive timely and quality care—something that families will care a lot about when making lease decisions.

Add security and safety features.

The pool.

The gym.

The bathtub.

Safety remains the number one concern for vigilant and profit-making senior care leaders.

When sons and daughters move their parents into assisted living and memory care communities, there will nearly always be several worst-case scenarios floating through their heads.

Slips and falls can make otherwise healthy residents deteriorate quickly.

When you install security features in high-risk areas, you calm your buyer’s concerns.

Move one step beyond safety railing.

If you haven’t already put them in, security cameras in the pool and rec areas and intercoms in apartments enable your team to stay alert and protect residents.

Establish proactivity with resident health.

 Blood pressure machines, heart monitors, and pedometers are all wonderful devices that keep residents healthy and curb unnecessary ailments.

Families want mom and dad to live long, happy lives, even in their sunset years.

You can use technology to make this dream a reality.

Use your technological prowess in your marketing.

Technology doesn’t have to be a huge hassle.

The hard part is learning how to market your services and leverage tech as a vital component of resident well-being.

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