1 hour per day for 5 days

Starting March 20 – 24

12 – 1pm EST

All sessions are LIVE!



Uncertainty and volatility are here to stay...

And we all seem to be overwhelmed and exhausted.

Nobody Knows the Answer

Signals from the market are incredibly confusing, and while the industry is seeing an uptick in occupancy and revenue, it's not fast enough and forward-thinking executives are tired of waiting for that far off surge of Baby Boomers to hit. The pent-up demand from the pandemic has peaked and there is a lot of revenue yet to be captured, not tomorrow, but right now. While no one knows what the future holds, it's more important than ever to maximize financial performance before the crisis hits so you are better prepared to ride the next wave, whenever and however it comes.

The only constant right now is change, all the time

Uncertainty and volatility rule — but our only response seems to be to try to do even more with less and to wait it out, hoping things will get better. We are always in a reactive mode and never seem to finish or accomplish anything substantial. Average isn't good enough when there's a chance to be great and there's never been a better moment to seize your market share and to leave your mark.

People are exhausted

Our employees and investors as well as the executive teams are overwhelmed, tired, doubtful, and resistant — and performance suffers. In this environment, we cannot reach our full potential or work collaboratively across communities, regions, or divisions. People are literally in survival mode and hanging on by a thread.

Good news?

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

We launched the Future Proof Your Business Lab to help organizations find the inspiration, education, and courage – to turn this new reality into an opportunity with a simple, tested 5-day step-by-step process.

In 2022, we helped 24 portfolios with over 156 communities in the U.S., U.K., and Canada become change makers. We helped them to:

  • get the tools they can use for themselves, their regional and site level teams to ignite a fire to drastically improve revenue and financial performance
  • practice building new skills in the safe environment of our community of change specialist
  • see immediate results with reinvented service offerings, operational, marketing, and sales processes, and new habits
  • take ownership over results with a high accountability injection that infuses passion and excitement into people’s jobs

Now it’s YOUR chance to do just that!

And the best part? You can get all of these benefits absolutely free!

Who can benefit THE MOST from the Future Proof Your Business Lab?

CEO's, Owners, & Investors

Use the tools learned at the Lab to differentiate yourself and take ownership over each of your market service areas, gain access to tools that reveal your revenue opportunities, and close those gaps while unleashing your full revenue and margin potential.

Divisional, Regional, & Executive Directors

Use the tools to energize your organization from a leadership level. Get people fired up about their jobs and improving their performance; strengthen your brand and understand how to compel people to choose your company, whether as employees or customers and safeguard your division, region, or community as a top performing outlier.


Use the tools to accelerate the financial performance of your new development projects and max out success fees and your promote bonus. You'll never see a new development and its potential the same.

Trust a proven process and field-tested tools.

Give yourself 1 hour a day to find the right pivot right now.

And master a toolkit you can use again and again.

Mon, Mar 20, 2023

Future-Proof Your Organization 

At this no-BS live session, we'll look at the trends shaping the future and track fresh data on the speed of change. You'll get a step-by-step workbook to start with a quick science-based future-readiness diagnostic that immediately shows you what works and what needs to be improved. This information is based on work done in over 500 communities that last three years in three countries; all backed by data.

Key tool: Dr. Nayda’s Titanic Syndrome Diagnostic
The result: Clarity and Focus

Tue, Mar 21, 2023

Creating Revenue Stability in a Climate of Uncertainty

This live session will focus on dealing with our readiness (and resistance) to change. To help you mobilize your leadership team invite them to this 5-day session with you! We are going to take your revenue gaps and break them down into simple, digestible steps that allow you to close them week over week, month over month with a no excuses, make it happen mindset that will begin the pivot toward future proofing your businesses and creating revenue stability and growth ahead of the next major event which will for sure happen.


Key tool: Fear-to-Action Exercise
The result: Focus and Buy-In

Wed, Mar 22, 2023

Delivering Results to Stakeholders: Employees, Residents, and Investors

Using the tools learned over the past decade in employee and consumer behavior, we'll help you get inside your employee and customers' minds and clarify what they need in this ever-changing reality to have the confidence to side with you!


Key tool: Asking Versus Answering Tool
The result: Understanding Stakeholders Better Than They Understand Themselves

Thu, Mar 23, 2023

Creating a 90 Day Vision to Supercharge an Achievable 12-Month Plan

This live session is all about creating an achievable plan, starting with the first 90 days post Lab sessions. We will show you how to take the complexities of your business problems and break them into digestible steps. Yes, you can transform your business in a season.  I'll also show you how to get started with a focus on low-hanging fruit.

Key tool: 90 Day Vision Tool
The result: Clear and Manageable Priorities

Fri, Mar 24, 2023


The final day of the Lab is all about getting things done. We'll make sure to give you the best support to finally get moving — and see the first results we all need to keep going.


Key tool: Implementation Checklist
The result: Action Over Inaction and Feeling Empowered Rather Than Defeated

All live sessions take place from 12 - 1pm US Eastern Time - and we'll always provide a replay in case you miss it!

Watch the session, do the homework, and share your reflections with other future proofers to maximize the learning experience.

Hi, I'm Traci Bild!

First things first: I hate change

Change is hard. It is messy, overwhelming, and filled with resistance. It never comes at the right time, and it’s always ON TOP of existing priorities. It’s exhausting and never-ending.

But here is a fact: uncertainty and turbulence are here to stay. 

I have dedicated my entire professional life to helping executives and their leadership teams move from mediocre financial performance to peak financial performance all while inspiring their teams to do and be better and more importantly to fall in love with their jobs again— but with the uncertain economy we find ourselves in it’s time to dig in and fortify your company-  right now.

So here is the good news: You can future proof your business and have fun doing it. No matter your challenges there’s something about stepping into a learning environment where you are challenged to do and be better, to think creatively and implement ideas that stoke the flames of progress. I will be the match to your spark of change in these five-day live sessions!

You CAN future-proof your organization for the many disruptions that are yet ahead. And it’s time for YOU to implement the change that will bring meaningful results to your top and bottom line while creating a raving fan employee and resident culture.

I can’t wait to welcome you personally to the Future Proof Your Business Lab!

Traci Bild

Peak Performance Expert & Change Specialist