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The Future of Care- Act Now or Risk Being Left Behind


Healthcare in the United States is rapidly changing. Like it or not, the Affordable Health Care Act is here to stay. Whether you are an executive, administrator, sales person or caregiver- it’s important to begin taking the necessary steps to position your community for the future.

So what is exactly happening? Well- if you ask ten people you are going to get ten different answers. My information is coming from a board of healthcare thought leaders- from a guru who has built ACOs, to a leading hospital administrator who has built the largest rehab hospital in the world, to a leading doctor with feet on the ground; our mission is to stay ahead of the curve, to bring you the most current, up to date information that you can use to shape the future of your business to match the future of care.

Here’s what’s ahead:

  1. Hospitals are building Networks: You will notice I didn’t say all hospitals are building their care networks. The fact is, they are not. Many are sitting around paralyzed by fear, not sure what is happening around them or what to do about it. Sadly many senior housing and healthcare executives are doing the same thing. Those who hope to thrive in the future and ensure the viability of their organizations are doing something different. They are starting to explore putting networks together, vetting their prospective partners, reviewing performance outcomes, and more. The best of the best are taking action. Are you?
  2.  Acute and Post-Acute Providers Are Learning to Work Together: Historically, in healthcare, providers worked in silos. Hospitals did their thing, assisted living and skilled nursing their thing. However, with the changes happening in healthcare, this no longer works. Success depends on the acute and post-acute care providers working together, for the common good and outcome of their patients. It’s one for all and all for one. This means increased communication, collaboration, and ultimately, better results for the patient and fewer re-hospitalizations. What conversations have you been having with your local hospitals? Where are they in the process? How do you fit in? Not sure? The future of your business is at stake so be diligent and figure it out.
  3. Performance Outcomes are Replacing Time Tested Relationships: While you may have had relationships with preferred hospitals who have sent referrals consistently for years, get ready- things are about to change. Gone are the days of bringing cookies and friendly conversation. To get in the network you will have to prove that you have what it takes to get results. This means putting together a scorecard that reflects your outcomes in care, satisfaction, readmissions, and more. Don’t have a method to figure all this out? Better find it or you won’t get into the network; which means you won’t get those valuable referrals.

Are you nervous yet? You should be. However, you have time- it is on your side right now but in a year or two it won’t be. You need to begin positioning your company for the future of care NOW. This is serious business and our industry needs to get ready. The truth is- the acute world isn’t even ready! What will get people into action and fast is when it begins to hit their bottom line. While some are feeling the pain now, it is only going to get worse.

My challenge to you is to lead- to begin to take action now, don’t wait. This is the real deal and those providers who get in the network will be fed the referrals to get to capacity. Those outside the network will get what’s left. Will that be enough to be a successful business who can afford to staff adequately, provide quality food, capital improvements and more- or will it force providers to cut corners and negatively impact their outcomes? Only time will tell.

If you don’t know what exactly to do or where to start- the good news is we do. We can put a program together to develop the internal systems and strategies needed to position your company NOW for the future of care. If you would like to chat briefly to learn more, send an email to Seth Garber, CEO of Bild & Company at sgarber@tracibild.com to schedule a call to discuss your options or just to brainstorm ideas. He has masterfully developed multiple solutions getting powerful results for companies just like yours.

Written by Traci Bild, Founder Bild & Company

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