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Follow Up in Senior Living

“I need more traffic!” “How do I get more people through our doors?”

Sound familiar? This is a common challenge faced by the Senior Housing Industry today, especially with competition on the rise. The good news is, there IS something you can do about it, and it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s the thing: When you have a hot new lead that is coming to you with an urgent need, the logical thing to do is to be a resource to that family and help them see their solution — your community. But what happens when that urgency disappears? “Mom can return home, we didn’t think she would be able to.” “Dad decided he loves his house too much so we are just going to ‘make it work.’” These are things that are heard daily and, of course, we are going to respect these families’ wishes. But will it work? What will that look like a few weeks from now? A few months from now? A year from now? And are you following up with them to learn how this is going??

Guess what: If you aren’t, your competitors are.

What is the value of gaining additional re-visits to your community each week and month? We all know that you can’t sell your community without getting people through the doors, so if you can prioritize getting just a fraction of your database back for a fresh look, you have just increased your traffic.

I’m not suggesting that you call to “check in” every week but, rather, reflect on what your Follow Up looks like currently. Is this an area of opportunity for you and your sales team?

Things to Consider:

  • Identify your “Prime Calling Time” (the time of day you are most likely to connect with your leads)
  • Schedule Prime Calling Time — literally. Right on your calendar. Plan for Follow Up and make it a priority. Let others on your team know when you will be on the phone so they can support your focus.
  • Call with purpose. Nobody wants to nag or be nagged… so don’t. What questions can you plan to ask that will bring value to the person you are calling and help you gain new information so that you know how to best help them? Plan for this.
  • What are potential next steps? How long has it been since they’ve been to your community — is it time for a re-visit? To try a meal? To show you why they are struggling with taking the next step? Maybe an activity or event that they could take part in? Get creative.
  • Close with small steps, and agree on what those should be. If someone is truly planning a change but “not quite yet,” what small next steps will continue to build value and even create excitement? Keep them close and be a resource along the way!

Remember that this family reached out to you for a reason. Don’t lose sight of what they need from you. If you aren’t following up consistently, you don’t know what that is

If you’d like to learn more about best practices for sales tracking & conversions, please reach out to the Bild Sales Team and get the conversation started.

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