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Are you focused on 2015?

As the holiday season comes to its peak and the New Year is upon us, are you looking to next year’s goals or reflecting on this year’s successes and/or failures? Wherever your focus is these last few days of 2014, remember to take time for self-reflection aside from the numbers and goals achieved. Regardless if you finish at the top of your game or if you need to focus and prioritize to achieve success, think about how you got here. How did you make people feel this year? Do your employees and/or co-workers enjoy your teamwork approach and positive attitude? Or do they recognize your stress and frustration as your main emotion in 2014? What about your clients? How do your residents or prospective residents feel about the time you spent with them? These relationship impacting goals may be more important to focus to for success in 2015.

Again, let’s take time to reflect on the relationships you have built this year. How much time are you giving to listening and gaining the true discovery needed to meet prospective residents’ needs? At times, we are so focused on the end game or outcome of the sale that we forget to slow down and really build the relationship with the client. Have you ever had a walk-in tour that closes on that first visit? It feels great, right? But, have you ever had one of those quick sales fall through and cancel? Establishing a relationship, getting solid discovery, and needs matching are keys to solidifying a sale; even after they have signed on the dotted line.

So how can all of this relationship building and reflection REALLY effect your goals and bottom line for 2015?

  1. Building stronger relationships among staff results in improved retention and employee satisfaction.
  1. Needs matching and becoming the trusted advisor to prospective residents and their families is the key to secure sales and fewer cancellations.
  1. Don’t ignore the residents you have! Continuing the relationship after the sale and move-in increases resident satisfaction and decreases controllable move-outs. Be sure to keep a pulse of satisfaction of your residents and their families.
  1. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! Have fun with your co-workers, employees, residents, and prospective residents and families! Host events throughout 2015 to recognize staff for their hard work. Have themed events that get your whole community involved! The more interaction your prospective residents and families have with your staff and residents, the stronger the relationship becomes.

Have a wonderful rest of 2014 and best wishes for a happy and successful 2015!

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