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Focus On What You Do

Are You Smiling? It Really Does Make A Difference!

Final installment of a four part series…

“There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.” – Dale Carnegie


I have talked about this quote for the past few weeks. What have you done with the questions and ideas presented to you? Have you made a change? Have you thought about it?

So this week, I wrap up the series asking you about what we do. And I think we should add what we don’t do to that as well. Do you try to make an emotional connection with people? Even a smile when you greet someone. How about making eye contact when talking to someone? Do you do things in your life that make a difference? By NOT doing things, are you sending a message or making a statement that causes others to establish an opinion of you?

In sales coaching and marketing, we teach our students that what we do is critical and important in establishing trust in a relationship and building value when making a decision, especially in senior housing.

Let’s take this example as a scenario with sales and marketing. Do you really do the things needed to get to know your prospects? If you said yes, ask yourself do you know they have a grey Toyota Camry and live on Main Street or do you know that their favorite memory is a trip to Europe for their 20th wedding anniversary and dancing atop the Eiffel Tower. Maybe they love to watch with their grandchildren classic movies like Gone With The Wind and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Do you follow up with your prospects? If you said yes, do you follow up within 24-48 hours or do you call back a week or two later and are you asking the right questions when you call? It seems like a simple concept, but you must have a process, followed consistently each and every time with each and every prospect to be effective.

For those of you who work in an operational capacity, it is just as important. Do you have staff or vendors that prefer direct deposit or auto payment vs. a physical check? Do you make a point to get to know your team and vendors? I know from personal experience, working in operations can tend to make you a little more introverted and less relationship oriented. NOT because you want to be, but looking over financial documents, analyzing ROI, operational/gross margins and focusing efforts on processes and systems can lead to that. Make sure you step out of your office and make it a point to get to know your team, vendors and the community around you.

Bild & Company works with hundreds of clients on a weekly basis on sales coaching, marketing, recruiting and staffing. We help them establish systems, provide the tools to succeed and help focus on what you should do to increase revenue and occupancy.

All of us should ask ourselves – What are we doing to communicate with others? What are we doing to make us memorable? What are we doing to make a difference? Commit to really focusing on what you are (or aren’t) doing and putting the systems in place to improve. It doesn’t matter if you work in sales- internal or external, operations, accounting and finance, human resources, etc. When everyone in every department commits, you will be successful beyond your wildest imagination.

Think about that for a minute. You can achieve that level of success. So add what you are doing to, how you look, what you say and how you say it. Four simple ways that we communicate with others. Four ways… That’s it. So I ask you, “Are you making the most of them?”


Written by Jenn Cox, COO at Bild & Company.

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